Kutcher, Kudrow Hit Theaters In Dusty Comedies This Weekend

'My Boss's Daughter,' 'Marci X' have both sat on the shelf for two years.

Moviegoers will have their choice between Ashton and Tara, a "Friend" and a Wayans, or Jackie Chan and a magic medallion this week as "My Boss's Daughter," "Marci X" and "The Medallion" arrive in theaters.

Asthon Kutcher and onetime Carson Daly consort Tara Reid ("American Pie") co-star in "My Boss's Daughter," with Reid as the daughter of Kutcher's employer, Terence Stamp ("The Limey"). When asked to housesit for the boss, Kutcher's character sees it as a chance to woo his daughter, but a variety of uninvited houseguests — including ex-"Saturday Night Live" cast member Molly Shannon and former Conan O'Brien sidekick Andy Richter — throw a monkey wrench into his plans. (Click for "My Boss's Daughter" photos.")

Shot in New York in the spring of 2001, the movie was directed by David Zucker, who had a hand in "Airplane!," the "Naked Gun!" series and "Top Secret!" and recently took over the "Scary Movie" franchise (see "Master P Gets Serious With Meth And Red In 'Scary Movie 3' "). It was also the screenwriting debut of David Dorfman, though his "Anger Management" was released after "My Boss's Daughter" was filmed.

Around the same time that Ashton and company were making "Daughter" in New York, "Friends" star Lisa Kudrow and Damon Wayans ("Bulletproof") were shooting "Marci X," a comedy about a young Jewish woman who takes over her father's gangsta rap label. Wayans plays a character called Dr. S, whose hit "Shot Ya' Teacher" causes a public-relations nightmare for his new boss.

There isn't anything controversial about "The Medallion," though — it's a Jackie Chan movie, which means action, comedy, high-flying stunts and martial arts. This time Chan plays a Hong Kong cop who gains super speed and strength from a magical medallion. Together with a British agent, played by Claire Forlani ("Meet Joe Black"), Chan's character tries to unlock the mysteries behind the artifact while keeping it out of the hands of a bad guy who, of course, wants to use it to do bad things.

All three movies will do battle with "Freddy Vs. Jason," which debuted at #1 last weekend (see " 'Freddy Vs. Jason' Bludgeons The Box-Office Competition") and has already ignited talk of sequels (see "Freddy Krueger Eyes Prequels And Sequels, Has Lara Croft Fantasies").