Freddy Krueger Eyes Prequels And Sequels, Has Lara Croft Fantasies

Monster flips off Pinhead.

Now that "Freddy Vs. Jason" is making a killing at the box office, the movie's Freddy Krueger hopes to once again don his trademark glove — for both of his franchises.

The wisecracking serial killer-turned-monster has his eye on prequel and sequel possibilities, both of which would allow him to continue a killing spree for a whole new generation of fright fans.

Speaking to MTV News through actor Robert Englund — the man who's played Freddy since 1984's "A Nightmare on Elm Street" — Krueger addressed the possibility of a "Nightmare on Elm Street" prequel, which would delve into his pre-dreamworld life as a human monster. A script called "Elm Street: The First Kills" has already been written, he said. Though it would unearth his motivation to become a serial slasher, the proposed origin story would be less nightmarish on the surreal level, and more so on a realistic level.

"It's a cop story, solving the serial killer crimes of a Mr. Freddy Krueger," he cackled. "But he gets off, because the people we love to hate the most, the lawyers, plant some evidence. And it ends when the villagers torch the monster, when the parents torch Freddy."

As for sequels, Krueger said that with the success of the monster-mash franchise hybrids, a whole host of possibilities exists for more scare fare between the villains. Who would he like to face off against next?

"Freddy and Jason tag-team match against Leatherface [from 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre'] and Michael Myers [from 'Halloween']," he suggested. "Best two out of three? I don't know, maybe I could mud wrestle with Chucky and the Leprechaun? Or better yet, Lara Croft?"

So if monster killers — not just monsters themselves — are thrown into the mix, what is the most likely scenario, Angelina Jolie fantasies aside?

"The brilliant Sam Raimi, creator of 'Evil Dead,' created a character played by my buddy Bruce Campbell, Ash," Krueger said, addressing a more widespread rumor. "Perhaps Ash will rid the world of monsters and preserve democracy by doing away with Jason and Freddy."

While amenable to some possibilities, Krueger was much more defensive and dismissive of others, like, say, someone he might have met during his long time trapped in hell ... such as Pinhead?

"Pinhead? Get him out of here. Hellraiser? Raise this!" he snarled, flashing his glinty knives.

How much of the future of this franchise is in the claw-hand of Krueger versus the film studio's, however, remains to be seen. Englund had previously suggested alternate endings to "Freddy Vs. Jason" that have yet to materialize — perhaps they'll be on the DVD version — and much can change in the development process. After all, New Line first put "Freddy Vs. Jason" on its slate back in 1993. For its part, New Line isn't talking. When asked to verify Krueger's claims, a New Line spokesperson said he was too afraid to comment.