Sleepy Brown Going A Little Rock, A Little Crunk On Phunk-O-Naut

Dungeon Family rapper finishing up his solo debut.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Nine years after he debuted on Outkast's Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, people are finally waking up to Sleepy Brown.

The Dungeon Family rapper, who has been featured on Outkast's "So Fresh, So Clean," Ludacris' "Saturday (Oooh Oooh!)" and Beyoncé's "Hip Hop Star," has signed to DreamWorks Records and is finishing his first solo album, Phunk-O-Naut.

"It's gonna be the hardest, funkiest, gansta-ist sh-- you ever heard in your life," Brown boasted recently. "I just think it's gonna be a little more harder, just a little more gangsta, a little more funky, a little more edgy [than the Dungeon Family]. Close to rock a little bit, but with a little crunk in it."

A release date has not yet been set for the album, but Brown already has the first single in mind, a party starter called "Dooley Wop."

"It's a muscle car," he said of the term. "I'm talking about Chevys. I'm talking about 442s. I'm talking about all the muscle cars, not these little souped-up Hyundais. I'm talking about the old-school muscle cars, and it's dedicated to all them."

Along with Sleepy's Dungeon Family cohorts, Phunk-O-Naut will likely feature appearances from Jay-Z, Bubba Sparxxx and Roscoe.

In the meantime, Brown appears on at least three tracks on Outkast's upcoming double album, Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, including Big Boi's first single, "The Way You Move" (see "Outkast 'Flip Flop' With Jay-Z; Rosario Dawson Climbs In Dre's 'Lap' ").

Sleepy was featured on several tracks on the Dungeon Family's only album, 2001's Even in Darkness, including the single "Trans DF Express" (see "Outkast's Dungeon Family Collective Seeks Spotlight With Darkness").