'Freaky Friday,' 'Spy Kids' Stars Get Busy On Next Projects

Lindsay Lohan adapting 'Teenage Drama Queen' novel; Alexa Vega shooting 'Sleepover' comedy.

As the summer box-office figures have shown, fresh faces can be just as profitable as supposed surefire stars.

Take Keira Knightley, for instance, the "Bend It Like Beckham" and "Pirates of the Caribbean" star who's faring a lot better than Jennifer Lopez lately. So it should come as no surprise that many newcomers are keeping just as busy as Hollywood veterans. Here's a rundown of what a few bubbling-unders are up to:

Lindsay Lohan, star of "Freaky Friday," which opened Wednesday to solid numbers, is currently shooting a big-screen adaptation of the novel "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen," about a high school girl who discovers the importance of friendship after moving from New York to a small town. Afterward, she's on to "Mean Girls," written by Tina Fey of "Saturday Night Live."

"I think both of them are mostly girls dealing with other girls in high school and just going through high school and the drama that occurs and a lot all in one, so they are really fun movies," Lohan said recently.

Casting for "Mean Girls" is just beginning, but Lohan said Will Ferrell is being propositioned.

Alexa Vega, star of the "Spy Kids" trilogy, is shooting a comedy called "Sleepover," which she described as "the 'Sixteen Candles' of our time."

Then Vega is on to something she called "completely different," an R-rated drama titled "State Evidence." Details on the movie are scarce, but she said her role was edgy, "so people know that I am not just the spy girl," she added.

Marley Shelton, the "Sugar & Spice" lead who stars alongside Brittany Murphy in the upcoming "Uptown Girls," also has a full plate of movies in the works. She just finished "Grand Theft Parsons" with Johnny Knoxville as well as "Dallas 362" with Scott Cann, Jeff Goldblum, Kelly Lynch, Selma Blair and Shawn Hatosy.

"Scott wrote, directed and stars in this film, and it's semiautobiographical on top of everything else," Shelton said, giving props to Cann. "I play sort of this, not love interest, I'm a potential love interest for Shawn Hatosy's character. And I sort of, like, appear and disappear, sort of like an angel."

Fresh faces are also invading Hollywood from the small screen.

Brittany Snow, star of "American Dreams," said she has several film offers for next summer and that she just voiced a character in the animated "Whisper of the Heart," from the same Japanese company behind "Spirited Away."

Even Brooke Burns, host of "Dog Eat Dog," is getting into the action. Next week she's going to Costa Rica with Jaime Pressly ("Not Another Teen Movie") for a comedy called "Death to the Supermodels."

"I play a German supermodel, Ava, and I have long armpit hair and I'm very rude and I blow armpit stank into other people's faces and we get killed off slowly but surely, kind of like a 'Scream' thing," Burns said. "It's kind of like a Farrelly Brothers comedy."