Jamie Kennedy Inked To Play Cartoonist In Sequel To 'The Mask'

Actor also promoting his new book, "Wannabe — A Hollywood Experiment," due August 25.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Despite his expertise in disguises, when Jamie Kennedy begins filming the sequel to "The Mask" early next year, he won't be the one replacing Jim Carrey in the green mask.

"I'm not playing the Jim Carrey character, I'm playing a different character. ... I play a father," Kennedy revealed at Saturday's Teen Choice Awards (see "Ashton Kutcher Punks The Competition At Teen Choice Awards").

In "Son of the Mask," Kennedy will play a cartoonist named Tim Avery whose life is turned upside down when his infant son stumbles upon the mask of Loki, the same treasure Carrey's Stanley Ipkiss discovered in 1994's "The Mask." Alan Cumming ("X-Men 2") will play the son (behind the Loki mask, of course) and Lawrence Guterman ("Cats & Dogs") will direct the movie, which will be shot in Australia. So far there are no plans for Jim Carrey to appear in the movie.

In the meantime, Kennedy is promoting his first book, "Wannabe — A Hollywood Experiment," due August 25. "It's all, like, about the different lies I told to break into Hollywood, like what worked and what didn't," Kennedy said. "It's like a how-to guide to how to lie in Hollywood."

Kennedy will also be busy hosting the next season of "JKX: The Jamie Kennedy Experiment," which premieres September 18. "I'm gonna be a big pregnant lady," Kennedy said of one of his characters. "I'm gonna be mean, and the experiment is to see who's gonna tell a pregnant lady to shut up."