Kelly Clarkson's Next Single May Be Reunion With Tamyra Gray

'You Thought Wrong' is likely next release from 'Idol' winner's Thankful.

UNIVERSAL CITY, California — Miss Independent is seeking some company on her third single.

When asked at Saturday's Teen Choice Awards how she'll follow up "Low," Kelly Clarkson answered, "I really hope that maybe 'You Thought Wrong' will come out, the one with Tamyra [Gray]. ... I really like that song, and it would be fun to perform."

Clarkson's spokesperson said nothing is official, but the singer has been a proponent of the Underdogs-produced "You Thought Wrong" since before Thankful was even released.

"The duet is a very hot song just because of the fact that Tamyra has such an awesome voice [with] many different colors," Kelly said in April. "And it's like hip-hoppy rock soul; it's such a different song."

Thankful's third single will not be released for a while, though, as Clarkson is just beginning her push for "Low" (see "A New 'Low' For Kelly Clarkson As She Seeks Out Revenge"), which she performed live for the first time Saturday (see "Ashton Kutcher Punks The Competition At Teen Choice Awards").

Kelly, who has been receiving film offers despite the cold reception to "From Justin to Kelly," is also temporarily setting aside her big-screen acting aspirations.

"Other stuff has come up and everything. It's just that I'm going worldwide with the CD and it's still big here, so I'm really just working my butt off with the music right now, [staying] concentrated, focused," she said. "It's been a really, really big summer and it's getting bigger. All of September [I'm] not even gonna be in the country. So yeah, I said goodbye to the mom for a little while."

Clarkson did find time to play Brenda Lee and sing "Sweet Nothin's" on the second-season premiere of the NBC drama "American Dreams."

"She was so sweet," the show's star, Brittany Snow, said of Clarkson Saturday. "She was so down-to-earth and just like a real good country girl, you know, really polite and really nice."

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