David Banner Continues To Fly The Flag For Mississippi

Rapper returns to his home state to shoot video for 'Cadillac on 22's.'

When it came time for David Banner to pick the follow-up single to "Like a Pimp," the Mississippi rapper carefully weighed his options.

"It's either a song called 'Might Getcha' featuring Lil Jon, which is the crunk, get-your-ass-beat-up, your-head-rammed-though-the-wall, rock-and-roll, rap type of song, or we got 'Cadillac on 22's,' which is a more spiritual, uplifting, acoustic, slower song," Banner said recently. "It's like [choosing between] win a Grammy? Bust a head? Win a Grammy? Bust a head? Respect? Money?"

In the end, Banner went for the respect and hopefully a Grammy. Over the weekend, he shot a video for "Cadillac on 22's," the second release from Mississippi: The Album (see "David Banner Out To Save Hip-Hop For The Kids").

Director Gregory Dark, whose résumé ranges from Ice Cube to Linkin Park to Britney Spears, helmed the clip in Mississippi, according to Banner's spokesperson. Banner said he wanted to shoot the video there because his home state deserves more recognition from hip-hop fans and artists.

"Mississippi has been discriminated against, in my eyes," he said. "You look at how many records are being sold there, but no one ever screams our name, you never hear anybody speaking like us, or even directly to us."

Banner is also representing for Mississippi on the Dirty South Mix Tape Tour, which features fellow Southern rappers Lil Jon & the Eastside Boyz, Killer Mike, Field Mob and Chingy. The tour stops in Jackson, Mississippi, on Thursday (see "David Banner, Lil Jon Co-Headline Dirty South Mix Tape Tour").