112, Jagged Edge Plan Joint Tour To Prove Who's Atlanta's Baddest

R&B groups take friendly competition on the road.

For years we've heard about 112 and Jagged Edge jousting for bragging rights over which group could make the most ladies scream, who put out the hottest hits and who really had Atlanta on lock.  

All those questions are still a matter of opinion, but according to 112, fans may soon get the chance to see which act has the most engaging live show. The quartet says plans are underway to have the groups tour together starting in October.

"Let's be real, controversy sells in the game," 112's Mike said earlier this week, addressing the perception that his group and Jagged Edge have beef. "R&B singers having beef? That's crazy — but we see that as an opportunity to make money. You're saying, 'We the baddest in Atlanta.' We're saying, 'We're the baddest in Atlanta.' Let's prove it. People wanna see that. People wanna see controversy."

Despite both groups being from the land where throwing them 'bows in moments of crunkness is commonplace, there won't be anyone coming to blows if the tour actually takes place. Mike says neither camp harbors any real ill will toward the other.

"We feel that's just friendly competition, ain't nothing wrong with that," Mike iterated. "[It's the] Lakers versus the Celtics. That's the way we look at it. One of the questions was who was gonna be the opening act? So we figure if we switch — one night they open and one night they headline — that might work out. We feel like whatever it's going to take for this tour to work. One night we'll open for Jagged Edge. It's no problem for us."

112 are also looking at possibly taking Joe Budden and Monica out with them on the road. Three weeks ago, the foursome flew down to Jamaica to film the first clip from their Hot and Wet LP, "Na Na Na Na" with Super Cat (see "112 Team Up With Joe Budden, Super Cat On New LP").

"The video, man, it's real cool," Mike gloated. "It's real gutta. A lot of cats will go to Jamaica and they get the commercial end of Jamaica. We were really in the woods in a real dancehall, just vibing with the people. It felt so good to be around all those beautiful black people loving our music and receiving us.

"Super Cat," he started to add about the group's guest on the song. "Let me tell you something, it's Bob Marley and then it's Super Cat. Bob Marley introduced us to reggae and [brought] the Rastafarian way of life to America. As far as hip-hop is concerned, Super Cat brought that element to Jamaica. ... Man, that homeboy was walking around like the Don Dada. ... The people around him was just paying homage."

Hot and Wet drops on September 23. The video for "Na Na Na Na" has just hit the air.