Joe Budden Gets Caught Cheating In 'Fire'; Lil' Mo Lends A Hand

Party video shot last week in Jersey City, New Jersey, with Busta Rhymes.

NEW YORK — To each his own when it comes to hip-hop house parties.

Kid 'N Play liked to throw battle-of-the-sexes dance parties in the early '90s. In the video for "Frontin' " recently we saw Pharrell Williams entertain guests at a homemade fiesta featuring skaters. But Joe Budden says that when the video for his single "Fire" drops in the next couple of weeks, viewers will see that get-togethers in his crib are so hot that the girls have to take their clothes off.

"My sh-- is more naked women and horny guys," Budden said last week. "That's a 'hood house party."

Joe B., who just released a remix of "Fire" featuring Fabolous to the streets, shot the clip for the original version with Busta Rhymes last week in Jersey City, New Jersey. The fraternal duo of Paul and Kevin Hunter directed the video (see "Finally Getting His Shot In The Game, Joe Budden Is On 'Fire' ").

"We got an abandoned house in Jersey City and we filled it up with nothing but beautiful women," Joe said. "I didn't have too many women in the 'Pump It Up' video, so I made it a point to use my own discretion in the 'Fire' video. Back in the day, in the 'hood, I really wasn't going to any good clubs, but there was always a house party."

The Flipmode Squad, MTV's DJ Clue and La La also make appearances in the video, and after the second verse of the song, Budden says that the "Fire" video will segue into "She Wanna Know" with Lil' Mo.

"At the end of 'Fire' I'm doing the damn thing, talking to two ladies [that are] not fully naked," Joe further divulged of his production. "My girlfriend walks in and sees me, so she gets mad of course. 'She Wanna Know' comes on and Mo comes out."

Joe's peers have been coming out of the woodwork and calling him to appear on records as of late. Marques Houston's "Clubbin' " and Tha' Rayne's "Didn't You Know" are two songs featuring Budden's guest spots that fans will get to hear any day now. He's also on 112's upcoming second single, "Hot and Wet."

"It's so funny — before [my] album came out, I was begging and begging and begging for features," Joe recalled. "I really didn't know how it worked. I thought the label could pull some strings and make some things happen, but unfortunately I didn't get that before the album came out. Since the album has come out, everybody and their mother has been reaching out. There are a bunch of other things coming out. I've been doing just a whole lot of R&B stuff. ... I really haven't done anything else with any other rap artist."

The calls for collaborations aren't just going one way. Budden is also enlisting folks to help him with his second CD. Kanye West, Just Blaze, the Neptunes and Swizz Beatz are among the producers he wants to work with.

"I never stop recording," said Budden, who added that the polyp he had on his throat earlier this year is now OK (see "Joe Budden Fights To Get His Voice Heard ... Literally"). Taking a doctor's advice and resting his voice, he has been able to avoid surgery.