Mixtape Mondays: DJ Thoro And Doo Wop

Name: DJ Thoro and Doo Wop

Mixtape: Bad Boys

Hometown: Harlem and the Bronx

Joints to check for: "Operator" by Pharrell Williams and Dirt McGirt. "Right Thurr" G-mix by 50 Cent and the G-Unit. "Like a Pimp" remix by David Banner featuring Busta Rhymes and Twista. "Stand Up" by Ludacris.

Previous mixtapes: This is the two DJs' first time banging out a CD together. Part 2 is coming out in two weeks.

The 411: This week the mixtape game is bubbling in New York's uptown area. They may not have a body count as big as Mike Lowrey and Marcus Burnett's, but the turntable Bad Boys, DJs Thoro and Doo Wop, are trying to kill the streets this week, joining forces with a CD full of almost all new music.

Ludacris commands the ladies to move when he moves and the fellas to "Stand up!" on the song of the same name. "Stand Up" is actually the first single from Cris' upcoming Chicken & Beer, and like he does on many of his hits, Luda is going berserk, yelling, cracking jokes and making references to television and film.

"Go on with your big ass, let me see something," Cris exclaims. "Tell your little friend he can quit mean mugging .../ The owner already pissed cause we sorta late/ But our time and our clothes gotta cooordinaaate."

No matter where he is or what he's doing, 50 Cent always finds time to drop a gem on mixtapes, whether it be original or jacked from one of his peers. Here, the G-Unit gives Chingy's "Right Thurr" their own G-mix.

"G-Unit in this bitch, right, right, right thurrr," 50 starts off rapping, taking from the Midwest vernacular of Chingy and Nelly. "It's G-Unit we don't f---in' play furr/ My sh-- is mine, your sh-- we gotta shurr .../ In New York City I'm the May-urr."

While 50 holds down the crown for the Big Apple, Nate Dogg has to be acknowledged as hip-hop's leading diplomat. Everybody loves him. 50's "21 Questions" co-star is featured here on Memphis Bleek's "D--- in Your Life," which will be called "Me in Your Life" when it gets played on the radio. M. Easy is unabashed with his crass rap, telling a lady with a despicable attitude that sex will make her have a more amiable disposition. 

Elsewhere, Raekwon, who serves as the mixtape's host, gives a sampling of his upcoming LP, with the drug tale "Pablow" and his haughty comeback story, "Da Lexclusive." His Wu-Tang brother ODB gets a little help from Pharrell Williams to sing the praises of a girl named Suzie.

"Operator," Dirty yells frantically. "Get the police."

"She so fine," Williams chimes in.

Williams is also the mastermind of Kelis' "Milkshake," which pops up this week on Clinton Sparks' mixtape Get Familiar Vol. 8. Nas' fiancée is feeling herself and is sure that all the guys will follow suit. "My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and they're like, 'It's better than yours,' " she sings. "Damn right, it's better than yours."

Pras feels that his rap skills are more up to par than Wyclef's. He has yet another freestyle dis aimed at his former Fugees groupmate, singing in the same cadence as Sean Paul on "Get Busy." "Wyclef Jean wanna flex with me, he come test me."

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