Avril's Hitmakers Land Record Deal, Set To Make Hits For Themselves

Producer-based group ready to record their own album with two new singers.

The Matrix are about to be more than just the go-to producers for singers looking for a hit. Following in the steps of producer-based groups like Garbage and N.E.R.D., the Matrix's next big hits might be their own.

The Los Angeles writing/production team, who helped Avril Lavigne get "Complicated" and have since worked with Liz Phair, Lillix and Britney Spears (see "Britney Spears, Avril Lavigne Fall Into The Matrix"), inked a deal with Columbia Records this past week to be a recording group in their own right.

The trio — Lauren Christy, Scott Spock and Graham Edwards — currently have session players, a drummer and a guitarist, and plan to add two singers to flesh out the group as a seven-piece, according to Matrix manager Sandy Roberton.

The Matrix have two relatively unknown pop singers of each gender in mind, male and female vocalists who hadn't met or worked with each other until this project. The singers are nearly confirmed, but Roberton didn't want to disclose their names until all the contract details were worked out, which he anticipated happening this weekend.

"Lauren is a singer herself," Roberton said, "but she's in her early 30s, whereas this pair are in their early 20s. It's a big difference."

Though the Matrix have collaborated with a long list of musicians recently — and are about to work with Shakira on her second English-language album — they don't anticipate using any leftovers from previous sessions.

"It's going to be a brand new record, all fresh songs. It's going to be chock full of hits, because they are hit songwriters," he laughed. "And it would be great to have a few hits of their own."

The Matrix plan to go into the studio by the end of the month and hope to have the record out by February.