Jay-Z Says He Can Relate To Beanie Sigel's Quest To Give Up Street Life

Jay-Z resumes his stint with Rock the Mic Tour on Tuesday (July 15) as it picks back up in Moline, Illinois.

Jay-Z isn't turning his back on the legally entangled Beanie Sigel as his signee remains in custody. In addition to trying to help him, he says that Beanie's woes remind him of how difficult it was for him to leave the streets behind when he first began his quest for a rap career.

"I have talks with Beans and anytime somebody is trying to leave something else alone, that's the most difficult time in your life," Jay said on Friday at the Akron, Ohio, stop of the Rock the Mic Tour. "I know — I went through it."

On Monday at a federal detention hearing in Philadelphia where Beanie was denied bail, Jay even spoke up for his friend in hopes that the judge would let Beans post a bond (see "Beanie Sigel Denied Bail"). It was to no avail, however; the judge maintained his position. Still, Jay is staying optimistic about his friend's fate.

"Whenever you're trying to transition and make everything right, it gets harder," he explained. "You're at a disadvantage because you're not of that no more. It's just real difficult to make that transition. It's like God's test. Once [he passes] that test, he's gonna be all right."

Jay-Z resumes his stint onstage Tuesday (July 15) as the Rock the Mic Tour picks back up in Moline, Illinois. Sigel was traveling with the outing until he was arrested last week by ATF agents for being a felon in possession of a firearm, stemming from an April 20 arrest (see "Beanie Sigel Returns To Jail").

Sigel, who had been arrested July 3 on attempted murder charges (see "Beanie Sigel Arrested, Charged With Attempted Murder"), had been out free on bail up until that point. With his bail being officially denied on Monday by the judge and the Roc-A-Fella family leaving the tour on August 5, it is unlikely that fans going to the road show will get to see him perform.

— Shaheem Reid, with reporting by Sway Calloway