Mixtape Mondays: Mark Ronson

Name: Mark Ronson

Mixtape: Here Comes the Fuzz (The Mixtape)

Hometown: New York

Joints to check for: "She's Got Me" by Mark Ronson featuring Daniel Merriweather and Jay-Z; "International Affair" by Mark Ronson featuring Sean Paul and Tweet; "Scenario" remix by A Tribe Called Quest; and "Verbal Intercourse" by Raekwon featuring Nas and Ghostface Killah.

Previous mixtapes: none

The 411: We've all heard about celebrities like P. Diddy, Jay-Z and J. Lo spending an evening dancing to A-list DJ Mark Ronson at some posh nightspot. With his club cred as cemented as any of his spinning peers, Ronson is following the footsteps of fellow turntablists like Funkmaster Flex and Kid Capri, taking his wizardry with wax to the next level.

Ronson already has acts like Sean Paul, Q-Tip, Mos Def and Ghostface Killah signed, sealed and delivered for his debut compilation LP, Here Comes the Fuzz, and now Mark has his hands in the mixtape pot, putting out a street CD with the same name as his album.

"International Affairs," which also appears on his official LP, stars Sean Paul and Tweet performing over a sugary reggae beat. Paul brags about the crisp bills in his pocket, trying to attract his perspective female. Tweets eats the game up, singing, "You can take me there/ Day or night, it's all right/ I'll go anywhere." Paul answers back: "Girl, I'll take you there."

The fittingly named Robbyn Spree wants to take everything from the ladies of R&B and hip-hop on "How to Rob Pt. II." Making her debut, she invents her own version of 50 Cent's controversial classic, following the Queens MC's stickup blueprint.

Ja Rule, whom Spree calls a "diva," J. Lo, Mariah Carey, TLC and Whitney Houston are all targets of her humorous robberies — a crime spree that she says will continue "till my pockets get thicker than Ashanti's sideburns."

Ronson goes from songs that have yet to hit the radar to classics, bringing back the "Scenario" remix and Raekwon's "Verbal Intercourse" on his mixtape. But those of you living in the now will definitely recognize Outkast's collaboration with Jay-Z, "Flip Flop Rock," and Busta Rhymes' "Light Your Ass on Fire," which are currently getting spins on radio.

As an added bonus to the Fuzz mixtape, Ronson includes a second CD of him spinning 60 minutes of some of the records he plays in clubs.

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