Ja Rule Takes His Beef With 50 Cent All The Way To South Africa

DJ seeks apology from Ja Rule, reimbursement for smashed record; he does not plan on pressing charges.

The Ja Rule-50 Cent feud has gone global, most recently showing up in South Africa.

50 apparently doesn't even have to be on the same continent as Ja Rule for Ja's feathers to get ruffled. After Ja's set at a concert in Durban, South Africa, on Sunday, Sakhile Xulu, better known as DJ Staxx, began his set atop a two-story tower by spinning 50's "21 Questions." Only a few minutes passed before Staxx's plug was pulled, according to local newspaper reports.

The surprise silence was disturbed by a voice on the PA system telling Staxx that he was not allowed to play the song. And when he asked the 22nd question, "Why?" he became the target of curse words.

"I chose ['21 Questions'] because as an entertainer, I give the people what they want to hear," Xulu told South Africa's The Natal Witness, "and, at the moment, this is the most popular song in 10 countries. I looked really unprofessional in front of thousands of people, cutting such a popular song. And when I asked why, I was sworn at over the PA."

Staxx continued his set with another record. About 10 minutes later, a man reportedly part of Ja Rule's entourage climbed aboard the tour bus and threatened the DJ with violence. Staxx was allegedly told he could either forfeit the record to the man so that he could break it, or it would be the DJ's neck that got broken after the show.

The unidentified man eventually just took the record and smashed it.

"I was just trying to entertain, not defame," Xulu said.

A spokesperson for Famous Concerts, a co-promoter of the show, acknowledged the incident to the paper, but claimed that Xulu should have known better.

"I am sure that the DJ didn't realize what he was doing, but it was really like waving a red flag at a bull," Mike Fuller told the Witness, adding, however, that no records were smashed.

Xulu seeks only an apology from Ja Rule and reimbursement for his smashed record. He does not plan on pressing any charges.

The Durban show was part of a string of concerts in South Africa that began Friday and ended Wednesday in Cape Town.

The spokesperson for Ja Rule's label, Island Def Jam, had no comment.