Beanie Sigel Keeping Spirits High Despite Legal Problems

Before one recent show, he could be found singing in his underwear.

WANTAGH, New York — Beanie Sigel divided his Fourth of July holiday weekend between bailing himself out of jail and performing on the Rock the Mic tour, but Monday night he was showing no signs of being stressed out.

"Till Makaveli returns, it's all eyes on Sig," the nearly naked leader of State Property sang in the dressing room of the Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater. Declining to speak about his legal problems (see "Beanie Sigel Arrested, Charged With Attempted Murder"), Beans opted instead to sing thug anthems and keep the mood in the room light.

Earlier, out on his tour bus, Beanie talked about his role as mentor for Young Gunz Chris and Neef as well as Freeway and the conspicuously absent Peedi Crakk. Lesson one: punctuality. " 'On time with time,' that's what I tell them," Beans said. "That's with everything. You always gotta be on time, an hour ahead of everything. You always gotta be prepared.


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"Me and Bleek been rolling out with Jay for a while," he continued. "So we ... know what to do. This whole tour is me schooling [the younger guys]. So my whole focus is making them where I was at on the Hard Knock Life tour with Jay."

Keeping the bus clean, though, was obviously not on Sigel's lesson plan. The lived-in home on wheels was cluttered with a just-opened PlayStation 2 and piles of DVDs on the table ("I just watched the best movie I've seen in a long time — 'Catch Me If You Can,' " Sigel said), a pair of sneakers on the couch and an assortment of chips in the kitchen.

Beanie's also making sure his crew doesn't sit idly by while he reaps the benefits of being one of Jay-Z's generals. He was supposed to drop his third LP, The Becoming, this summer, but he pushed it back to spotlight his crew's second LP, State Property Presents the Chain Gang Vol. I, due August 5. In addition to the aforementioned MCs, Sparks and his jailed partner Oschino are featured on the record.

"I was still recording, my album was pretty much done, but Chris and Neef have the hot joint blazing right now, 'Can't Stop, Won't Stop.' I didn't want to hold them up," Sigel said. Besides, "I can still do clothing, movies, cartoons. I'mma get mine regardless. ... Whether I put an album out or not, I'm still gonna see a check."

Chris and Neef recently shot a video in Philadelphia for "Can't Stop, Won't Stop," the first single from Chain Gang Vol. I. "Me and Neef are the first two males to get accepted to an all girls school," Chris said of the clip. "We just go in there and run reckless and make it our school. It's a hot joint."

The next single off the LP is slated to be a posse cut with Beanie, Peedi Crakk and guest star Dirt McGirt called "When You Hear That." Jay-Z also makes a cameo via "It's On," while Twista rounds out the guest spots on "Blow."

As the techno and pyro blew up onstage later in the evening, Young Hova, Memphis Bleek and State Property moved like their nickname — the Roc Army. The show flowed much sleeker than the kickoff a couple of weeks ago in Connecticut, even when a couple of female fans managed to jump onstage to hug Jay-Z.

"Y'all better get her, she's hungry," Jay said, laughing.

Afterward, Sigel smiled for pictures and basked in the concert's afterglow. "When the Roc is onstage, it's like a real show," he said. "You don't just get running across the stage and yelling. It's classy. It's grown man sh--."

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