Rehab Helps Jack Osbourne Get To Root Of Addiction Problems

Teen checked into facility three months ago for help with OxyContin habit.

Jack Osbourne entered a California rehab center three months ago looking for a quick fix to his addiction to the prescription painkiller OxyContin (see "Jack Osbourne Reveals He Was Addicted To Painkiller OxyContin"). What he found instead was at least a bit of insight into the emotional triggers that laid the foundation for his addiction.

"I went in there with the mentality of 'I'll do my time. I'm just going to get out of here and I'll be fine. Give it a week or two and I'll be back to square one,' " Osbourne said. "But I did a lot of soul-searching."

Jack said the insight he found in rehab — as well as the sense of clarity — allowed him to find the root of his addiction.

"[You discover] all this stuff you don't really know about your character, like who you really are," Jack explained. "For so long, you just don't know because you're so full of chemicals and stuff. You just get thrown off.

"I have a tendency to really stuff things — like, I don't really express certain feelings," Jack continued.

Among the emotions that Jack kept contained were frustration and confusion in dealing with his newfound fame as well as concern about his mother's health after she was diagnosed with cancer (see "Ozzy Says Too Much Freedom Contributed To Jack's Drug Use" and "Ozzy Says He Now Believes Pot Leads To Other Addictions").

"That sh-- hurt a lot, and I was constantly just drowning it," Jack said.

Jack said he began drinking at age 13, but that in the last two years he had also begun to use Vicodin, Valium, Xanax, Dilaudid, Lorcet, Lortab, Percocet, and marijuana in addition to OxyContin (see "All About OxyContin, The Pills Known As 'Killers'").

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— Robert Mancini, with reporting by Gideon Yago