For New Comedy, Mandy Moore Gets To Travel, Choose Her Own Butt Double

Singer/actress plays president's daughter in still-untitled project currently shooting in Europe.

LONDON — Mandy Moore sings, she acts, and in the comedy she's currently shooting in Europe, she even goes skinny dipping. But audiences won't be seeing Moore's naked rear when the still-untitled project hits theaters, thanks to a specially selected butt-baring body double.

"There were about 10 pictures that came to me in a little manila folder," Moore explained the day before production moved to Prague. "I flipped through them. They were all girls standing facing the wall in bikinis and high heels. So I had to pick one, which was weird. I had [my] boyfriend and a couple of other guys look at them. ... I decided to go with the one I thought looked the most like me from behind.

"I shouldn't be doing that," she added, laughing. "I can't be objective about women's behinds."

In the forthcoming romantic comedy, Moore plays the president's daughter, who rebels against her sheltered life by embarking on an adventure through Europe. The film wrapped shooting in London recently, with additional filming set to take place in Prague and Venice.

"I wanted a bit of a vacation and to go somewhere I had never been before," she said. "[And] I really felt that I had so much to bring to the character, because we share a lot of similar experiences. This was the first time I felt like, 'Wow, I'm going to be playing myself, in a sense.' "

Mandy's character is joined by a secret-service agent, played by British actor Matthew Goode, whom her father sends undercover to look out for her.

"I didn't know a tremendous amount [about Mandy] because she's not terribly known here, like your Britneys or Christinas," Goode said. "I had seen her do one song on TV in the U.K. [She's] a really nice girl, grounded and not diva-ish."

Moore is likely to become more well-known abroad, with the new romantic comedy, three still-to-be-released films — "Try 17" with Elijah Wood (see "Elijah Wood Plays DJ For 'Try 17' Co-Star Mandy Moore"), "Saved" with Patrick Fugit, and this month's "How to Deal" (see "For Mandy Moore, 'How To Deal' Involves A Haircut") — a possible project with Kevin Costner (see "Mandy Moore In Talks To Join Kevin Costner Onscreen") and a new album of cover songs all on the way.

"[Making Coverage] was amazing," Moore said of her new album, which includes her renditions of songs by artists ranging from Cat Stevens to Joan Armatrading. "I hooked up with this producer John Fields, who is unbelievably talented, and he understood me as a person and an artist. He was a big fan of every artist [covered], especially Todd Rundgren. So he was really keen on making the record and he allowed me to do what I want and be a part of the creative process.

"It's something I'm really proud of," she continued, "especially to present to people my age, 'cause it's music I just discovered, and hopefully they will too."

Coverage will be released in September, while her romantic romp through Europe can bee seen in theaters next year.