Frankie Muniz Dreams Of Going Home To Christina While Shooting 'Banks 2'

Actor in London shooting scenes for sequel to this year's hit action-comedy about everyday kid who doubles as secret agent.

LONDON — Sure it was horridly early in the morning, but Frankie Muniz was all smiles. And why shouldn't he be? Not many 17-year-olds get to visit England to make a sequel to their last movie. And even fewer kids can look forward to maybe throwing a barbeque with Christina Aguilera when they get home.

"I live in a pretty celebrity-filled area," explained the "Malcolm in the Middle" star, who just bought his first house but hasn't had a chance to settle in. "Christina Aguilera lives right up the street, Halle Berry, Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire. Keanu Reeves just bought a house [nearby]. It's pretty crazy."

He stopped to laugh. "I'll be running by Christina's house a lot to borrow the sugar."

But for now, the recipe-swapping will have to wait. Frankie had just finished rehearsing a scene inside one of the offices on a floor high up inside the Lime Street building, which houses England's famous Lloyd's of London, and was sitting in a cozy chair next to a large oak table.

"We found out that a lot of people wanted more comedy," Muniz explained of the flick. "[There's] a lot more comedy. [And] better gadgets, a lot more action, a different location. We're making it as if it's a brand new movie, [just] with the same name and me as Cody Banks."

Though Hilary Duff is nowhere to be seen, Anthony Anderson ("Kangaroo Jack") joins Muniz in the sequel to this year's hit action-comedy about an everyday kid who doubles as a secret agent.

The sequel will also dodge the romantic themes of the previous film. There's no smooching for Muniz to do in this one, just lots of spy-work.

"['Agent Cody Banks 2'] starts where [I'm] in this camp being trained by this guy Diaz, who works for the CIA," he revealed. "Diaz ends up stealing this mind-control device. And he wants me to help him get away with it, saying it's a drill. So I help him get away with it. And the director comes and I'm like, 'So, I passed my mission, right?' ... So I come here to London [to catch Diaz]. ... And I join this youth orchestra, although my character can't really play. And I'm spying around."

As his new sequel, new house and celebrity neighbors make clear, Frankie has enjoyed a lot of success at a relatively young age. But "My Dog Skip," "Big Fat Liar" and the "Cody Banks" movies clearly target a younger audience, and as adulthood approaches, Muniz is hoping Mother Nature will give him a chance to expand.

"I'm still waiting to have a huge growth spurt, because I'm turning 18 and I look like I'm about 10," he joked. "But eventually it will happen I guess."

"Agent Cody Banks 2" hits theaters sometime next year.