'Bad Boys' Diddy, Nelly Shake Their Tail Feathers In New Clip

Rappers team up to show off Midwest dance moves in video for soundtrack song.

NEW YORK — If you're still doing the same old two-step, you'll need to step up your game if you want to stay on the same page with P. Diddy and Nelly. The duo highlight the Midwest's hottest dancefloor movements in their new video for "Shake Your Tailfeather."

"It's this big dance in St. Louis called the Monastery, the Mono for short, or the Chicken Head," Diddy said, sitting in his Manhattan recording studio, Daddy's House, explaining the clip.

"They have different names for the dance [and there are] all different ways you can do it," he continued, flapping his elbows for demonstration. "It's a new dance craze. It's a little bit more difficult than the Macarena. [The song] is history because it's me and Nelly getting together. I've done records with almost everybody except for Nelly. It's something for the clubs, something for the summer. It shows our different styles."

"Shake Your Tailfeather," which is the next single from the "Bad Boys II" soundtrack, also features St. Lunatic Murphy Lee and finds all three rappers instructing the ladies. Nelly raps, "Come here, girl. Who your name is?/ Where you from? Turn around. Who you came with?"

Meanwhile, P.D. puts in his two cents, saying, "I like the way you dance, the way you fit in the pants/ To the flo', take it low, do it again/ ... You know I love that."

"I respect him so much because he doesn't try to be like anybody," Diddy said of his collaborator. "He doesn't try to be too hardcore, he's not trying to be too poppy. He's Nelly. He has his own unique style that no one can duplicate. He was one of the most professional ever people to work with. He does not act like somebody that probably sold 20 million records. We gonna do some other stuff together, we gonna do another record together too."

The soundtrack to "Bad Boys II" drops July 15. Jay-Z's "La-La-La (Excuse Me Again)" has already been released as a single and video. Lenny Kravitz, the Neptunes' Pharrell Williams, Beyoncé and Justin Timberlake are among the other performers on the album.