B2K Take Hollywood By Storm; Could Possibly Star In New Will Smith Flick

Omarion, J-Boog have signed on to act with Vivica A. Fox in 'Camp Boot.'

B2K are making the most out of the relationships they've built in Hollywood.

All four members — J-Boog, Omarion, Raz-B and Lil Fizz — just finished filming starring roles in the dance film "You Got Served," which is due early next year, and Boog said that he and Omarion have signed on to star with Vivica A. Fox in "Camp Boot."

"You know them Jenny Jones or Maury Povich shows where it's like, 'My Teen is Outta Control?' ['Camp Boot'] is a movie on that," Boog said Thursday, enjoying a bit of downtime from rehearsals at the Los Angeles Forum for the Scream 3 Tour. "I'm one of the teens that's out of control. We go to boot camp [and] Vivica is the head of everything. She comes through with her little two-piece skirt suit, looking all hot. All the dudes is trying to flirt with her and she's like, 'Little boy, do a push up.' "

B2K may also be linking up with another actor who appears in the clip for "Girlfriend" — Will Smith. Boog says he and the guys are in talks to appear in the sci-fi flick "Namuh," which is the word "human" spelled backwards (see "B2K, Bow Wow So Far From Beef They're Planning Joint LP").

"That movie is crazy, dude," Boog marveled. "Over the top [like] 'Matrix,' but it's hard to explain." A representative for Smith was not aware of the project.

"One day I want to be like Will Smith," Omarion gushed, also on break from rehearsals. "Will is just amazing. He is actually my actor-idol. When I become an actor, that's who I want to be like. Vivica is so sweet. Being on the set with them [for 'Girlfriend'] was so fun. It was serious when the cameras were rolling, but when they weren't rolling, we were having fun."

B2K's Hollywood swinging doesn't mean they have forgotten about music. The singing heartthrobs have been rehearsing over 12 hours a day for their headlining road show, which kicks off next week in San Diego (see "B2K Will Hit The Road In Search Of A Girlfriend July 2").

"Ah man, you don't understand," Boog said. "We're trying to pull this out for the fans, trying to make this bigger than anything they've seen from B2K or anything they've seen this year.

"The toughest part about [the tour] is the creative blocks," he added. "Trying to do something none of our fans have ever seen. We use different stage entrances and exits. It's going to be crazy. A lot of stuff to play tricks on your eyes [to make you say] 'Whoa! That did not just happen!' It's a whole 'Scream' play. It's not just a performance, it's not just a show, it's a concert, but it has a story you can follow through the whole thing. The tour is like a movie. We've got the b-boy breakdancers coming out. We got some gymnasts that can flip off of anything. When you see the stage, you're gonna flip out. It's like something out of space."

While on the road, there's a possibility that B2K may start recording. They have a bunch of projects on the horizon. Besides working on the "You Got Served" soundtrack, they may also start on Fizz's solo album and their new group effort.

"I think we're [on] schedule to work on the next album with R. Kelly, [with] Timbaland [and] the Neptunes," Boog disclosed. "[And] maybe Jimmy Jam, to give us one of those pretty songs, like that third or fourth single to take you over the top."

And while the beats for the LP are already being mapped out, the guys also know what the feel of the lyrics will be like.

"A lot more mature," Omarion said of the upcoming album's tone. "Now we're becoming men, and [there is] responsibility [with] the women. We definitely have some things to talk about. Some stories to tell. A lot of people still feel that we're kids. That's cool, because we did have a kid-like sound when we were coming up - we addressed the kids. We want to be looked at as young men and respected as artists, not those 'little boys [of] B2K.' We want everybody to listen to our music."