Mystikal Pleads Guilty To Sexual Battery

Rapper dodges rape charge that carried potential life sentence.

Mystikal pleaded guilty to sexual battery of the infirmed and no contest to extortion Thursday in a Baton Rouge, Louisiana, district courtroom, dodging a rape charge that carried a potential life sentence.

The rapper was charged with aggravated rape in July for allegedly forcing his hairstylist to have sex with him and two bodyguards on the condition that he wouldn't turn her over to police for stealing his checks (see "Mystical Charged With Rape, Extortion").

As part of the plea bargain, Mystikal (real name Michael Tyler) will serve five years probation for the extortion charge, and may receive up to 10 years in jail for the battery charge, according to prosecutor Sue Bernie. He'll be formally sentenced on both charges September 25.

"We entered a true best-interest plea," Mystikal's attorney J. David Bourland said of the extortion plea, "saying we don't agree that he's guilty of anything in that regard. ... We will accept that [plea] on the basis that probation is guaranteed for that particular matter."

As opposed to sexual battery, which carries a minimum two-year jail sentence, the lesser charge of sexual battery of the infirmed is applied when the victim is incapable of resisting by reason of a stupor, or abnormal condition of mind, from any cause, and the offender should have known of the victim's incapacity.

"One way of committing the crime of sexual battery of the infirmed is if it's committed against somebody who is of advanced age or physical infirmity, and that's what most people think," Bernie said. "But there are other ways of committing it."

A sexual battery of the infirmed charge comes with a possibility of probation.

"If I were to go to trial on this matter, that is not the charge I would have selected," Bernie said, "because I believe they were guilty of rape. [We took the plea] so that there would be no trial. So that the victim doesn't have to go through the additional trauma of a trial."

Mystikal, 37-year-old Leland "Poke" Ellis and 35-year-old Vercy "V" Carter threatened to tell authorities that the woman, 40, was cashing the rapper's checks without his approval unless she would have sex with them. After arresting Mystikal and searching his home, police found a videotape of the act (see "Mystikal Videotaped Alleged Rape, Police Say").

Extortion charges against Ellis and Carter were dropped when they pleaded guilty to sexual battery. They are scheduled to be sentenced September 25 as well.

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