Seann William Scott Tackling French Film Remake

Actor to star in remake of 'Gregoire Moulin Vs. Humanity.'

From Stifler to "Bulletproof Monk" to foreign cinema — it might sound strange, but it's true. Universal Pictures has tapped Seann William Scott to star in a remake of the French film "Gregoire Moulin Vs. Humanity."

The "American Pie" and "Road Trip" star stretched his acting chops a bit by tackling action- oriented roles in "Bulletproof Monk" and "The Rundown," his forthcoming adventure team-up with the Rock that formerly went under the working titles "Helldorado" and "Welcome to the Jungle" (see "The Rock, Seann William Scott To Team Up In 'Crappy' Movie"). Two years ago he shot the heist movie "Stark Raving Mad," said to be similar in tone to "Snatch" or "Fight Club," but the film is still without distribution.

The remake will see Scott returning to his comedic roots, but he'll still be navigating in unfamiliar terrain — namely, the romantic comedy genre.

Artus de Penguern directed and starred in the original "Grégoire Moulin Contre L'Humanité" as a comically tragedy-stricken man whose spirits are brightened when he falls in love with a girl he spots teaching dance in a ballet studio near his Paris office. Fearing another tragedy, however, he's cautious about introducing himself to her. He eventually decides to steal her wallet, hoping to introduce himself by "heroically" returning it. The film won accolades when it was released in 2001.

Universal has asked Scott to co-produce the new take on "Gregoire Moulin Vs. Humanity," alongside the Donners Co. ("X2: X-Men United") and Winchester Films.

Before work gets under way on the remake, Scott will return as Stifler in August's "American Wedding," the third and possibly final flick in the "American Pie" series, with "The Rundown" to follow in late September.

A spokesperson for Universal said that no other information on the "Gregoire Moulin" remake is available at this time.