50 Cent: Coming To A Theater Near You

Biopic being developed by 'The Sopranos' writer Terry Winter.

There were some cool battle scenes and a couple of exciting fights in Eminem's "8 Mile," but only one dude got shot and that idiot shot himself.

The upcoming 50 Cent movie, by comparison, should be far more pulse-pounding. After all, 50 has been shot nine times, and that averages out to about once every 12 minutes of the movie.

Obviously staring death in the eye is no laughing matter and so appropriately, 50's camp has commissioned a real gangster expert to tell the tale.

The film is being developed with "The Sopranos" writer Terry Winter, according to a spokesperson for the 26-year-old rapper, and will chronicle 50 Cent's life from his impoverished upbringing in Queens, New York, to his emergence as an international rap superstar. The movie will likely include scenes about the death of his mom when he was just 8, his introduction to crack dealing at age 12, his years as a thug and his foray into hip-hop.

50 decided he wanted to create a biopic after the rampant success of "8 Mile," which made $116 million at the box office and earned Eminem a top-charting soundtrack and a Grammy for the song "Lose Yourself."

There is no title yet for the 50 Cent movie and neither representatives for the rapper nor the writer would speculate on when production will begin.

Over the next few weeks, 50 Cent plans to work with Snoop Dogg to shoot a video for the "P.I.M.P." remix (see "Can 50 Cent Handle A Pimp Cane? Snoop Himself Can Now Judge"). Additionally, the two rappers will hit the road with Jay-Z this summer on the Roc the Mic Tour (see "50 Cent And Jay-Z Announce Roc The Mic Tour Dates").