Transplants Rapper To Release Solo LP

Under nickname Skinhead Rob, Rob Aston's project due by end of year.

IRVINE, California — Rob Aston, the raspy rapper in the Transplants, is releasing a solo album.

Under his nickname Skinhead Rob, Aston's project is due by the end of the year on Warner Bros. and will feature appearances by bandmates Travis Barker and Tim Armstrong, along with Cypress Hill's DJ Muggs and the Psycho Realm's Jacken.

"It'll be a little bit more of a hip-hop record," Aston said. "But it'll still have a Transplants feel. It'll still be real angry."

Aston will work on solo material while Barker and Armstrong are busy with Blink-182 and Rancid, respectively (see "Blink-182 LP Gets Title From GN'R, Gloom From Robert Smith" and "Rancid Jump To Major Label For New LP, Indestructible"), although the trio won't completely halt work on a second Transplants album.

The group wrote four songs while on tour with the Foo Fighters (see "Humble Foo Fighters Look For Hickeys At Cheap Tour Opener") and has future plans in mind.

"Me and Tim are gonna take out his studio on the back of the bus during the Rancid tour and we're gonna record a bunch of stuff," Aston said. "The beauty of it is Travis has a studio at his house, so we can just play sh-- for each other, beats and whatnot. You know, it's 2003. We'll step it up, play sh-- long distance. No problem for us."

In the meantime, Barker is hoping programmers "will wake up" and give the Transplants' second single and video, "D.J. D.J.," a stronger look.

"It was a good video," the drummer said. "It's basically a bunch of our friends, like 200 of our friends, and we made a stage in the middle of a pool at this dive hotel and just played. We had go-go dancers. It was rad."