Deftones Bassist Gunning For 'Barry Manilow Track' To Be Next Single

As band decides on next offering, Chi Cheng puts his vote in for 'Hexagram.'

IRVINE, California — Deftones are deciding on their next single, and if bassist Chi Cheng has his way, it will be a song that evokes thoughts of a legendary crooner's recent face-smashing accident.

"It's heavy, it's not rap rock," Cheng said backstage at Saturday's KROQ Weenie Roast of the track "Hexagram" (see "Pink Teams With Transplants, Good Charlotte Unplug For Weenie Roast"). "It reminds me of Barry Manilow running into a wall in his house. How'd you do that one, Barry? 'I woke up and was disoriented in my own home, so I ran into the wall and knocked myself out for four hours.'

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"I should be picking fights with hip-hoppers, but I'm scared of hip-hoppers, so I'm going after the crooners. I think it's safer."

Cheng, who already has a spoken-word album behind him, has also been spending his time lately writing about his experiences in his rock band.

"It's another passion of mine, just like the other guys are very passionate musicians and they have all these other great side projects," Cheng explained. "It's just something I like to do."

The bassist is about 200 pages into the book, but he said he's writing it for himself and has no plans to publish it. "Maybe posthumously," he said. "It's too autobiographical, that's why. I'll get in a lot of trouble. A lot!"

Cheng's spoken-word collection, Bamboo Parachute, was released in 2000 and is still sold at shows (see "Deftones Bassist Preps Spoken Word Album").

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