Can 50 Cent Handle A Pimp Cane? Snoop Himself Can Now Judge

Plans being made for rhyme kingpins to shoot clip for 'P.I.M.P.' remix in next few weeks.

50 Cent says that he can work his "Magic Stick" for hours, but how good is he with handling a pimp cane?

We'll probably get to see before the summer is over. According to sources from both 50 and Snoop Dogg's camps, tentative plans are underway for the rhyme kingpins to shoot a video for the "P.I.M.P." remix in the next few weeks.

"P.I.M.P.," of course, first appeared on 50's Get Rich or Die Tryin' before a remix of the track featuring Snoop rhyming about being a "C.R.I.P." hit the mixtapes earlier this year. A second remix of the song has just surfaced, containing a verse from 50 off the original mix, Snoop re-rapping his lyrics off the first remix and new vocals by G-Unit members Lloyd Banks and Young Buck.

50 and Snoop will spend plenty of time together this summer away from the video set as well. Snoop joins the Queens MC and Jay-Z on the Roc the Mic Tour starting July 9 in Cincinnati (see "50 Cent And Jay-Z Announce Roc The Mic Tour Dates").