Ashanti Out, Tamia In For New Fabolous Video

Rapper shooting clip for 'Into You' this week in Los Angeles.

NEW YORK — Fabolous is getting ready to travel to Los Angeles on Thursday and Friday to shoot the video for "Into You." As you may have guessed from hearing a new version of the track on radio, the clip is going to feature Tamia and not Ashanti, who appears on the album cut.

"Ashanti, she's doing a lot of stuff on her own," Fab explained about the singer switch on Wednesday at Right Track Studio, shortly after a performance for AOL. "At the time it was just a conflict of schedules. I'm running this way, she's running that way, the single is ready now. We couldn't wait anymore.

"I had the pleasure of working with Ashanti, I love her new song, I wish her well. I thank her for being on the [version that appears on my album]," he added. "We went with Tamia because if we couldn't get Ashanti, we had to get Tamia. She blew it away on the original."

"Into You" is a remake of sorts of Tamia's 1998 hit "So Into You." Fab also tinkered with another one of his songs — a few weeks ago he banged out a remix for "Can't Let You Go."

"With the remix we tried to give it a party feel," he said. "We wasn't just trying to do another version of 'Can't Let You Go.' We flipped it and made it a party song. It's something somebody can relate to: You meet a girl, you don't know her, she don't know you, but the way she's looking, you can't let her go. We're about to shoot a mini-video for the record. It's gonna be a party video."

Fab will get the chance to perform songs like "This Is My Party," "Can't Let You Go" and "Into You" this summer when he heads out with Jay-Z and 50 Cent on the Roc the Mic Tour. He's been given the nod to appear as an opener (see "50 Cent And Jay-Z Announce Roc The Mic Tour Dates").

"With my performance and everything I'm still learning," he said about his stage presence. "This is my second tour, so if anything, I'm watching tapes, I'm watching the people's performances. I just wanna get my performance at a level where it's entertaining a crowd. The best experience is performing in front of a crowd."

While on tour, Fab would like to try to start recording another LP, but he says he has to iron out some business issues with his label, Elektra, before he can go into any vocal booth.

"With that situation, it's a ball-and-chain effect. Elektra has something to do with that. I'm ready to work, but business first. You have to get the business straight before you get in there recording. I have a lot of ideas and producers coming to me with beats. So I'm trying to come back [out] at the end of December or end of January."