Mixtape Monday: Snoop Dogg

Name: Snoop Dogg

Mixtape: Welcome 2 Tha Chuuch, Volume One

Hometown: Long Beach, California

Joints to check for: "Hater in You" featuring Lil 1/2 Dead; "Dodo Remix" featuring Beanie Sigel, Freeway, Soopafly, E-White, Kokane and Jelly Roll; "Playa Playa" featuring Redman; "What You Desire" featuring Xzibit and RBX; and "Run up on U" featuring 213.

Previous mixtapes: None, but he's about to get knee-deep into the underground fo' shizzle!

The 411: Big Snoop Dogg told MTV earlier this year that he was going to show the West Coast how important it was to be heavy into the mixtape game, and the leader of the Dogg Pound is staying true to his word on Welcome 2 Tha Chuuch. (Besides "chuuch" being one of his favorite slang words, Tha Chuuch is a small home in Cali that doubles as a studio where Snoop bangs out tracks.)

Assisted by DJ Sicamore, Doggy hollas at the streets and highlights the microphone acumen of his some of his crew like Daz, Nate Dogg, Lil 1/2 Dead, E-White, Bad Azz, Kokane and Mac Minister.

And while most listeners are met with warm salutations from the Doggfather as the CD plays, Suge Knight and his Death Row soldiers are clearly not wanted. Snoop starts off his street album with "Hater in You," on which he addresses his former boss throughout the song. "I love breaking Suge Knight and his broads," Snoop rhymes, before talking about having intimate relations with Knight's baby's mother.

"You'se a hata bitch n---a," Snoop continues. "Remember, I'm the one that made you rich, n---a./ I giggle and laugh 'cause you say you can't stand me/ Your whole rap label is a dysfunctional family."

Snoop leads the crime family raid on "Run up on U," which features Snoop's 213 group of himself, Nate Dogg and Warren G.

"If you got beef, then go 'head run on up," Nate defiantly sings on the chorus. "We ain't worried about nothing/ Half of y'all doing nothing but bluffing." Snoop and Warren G kick OG stories about getting used by the music industry and regulating in the streets.

Snoop isn't all belligerent on Volume One, though. Some of his favorite themes are present — stacking bread, pimping and smoking the sticky icky.

Beanie Sigel rhymes about smoking stimulants "greener than them gators on Bishop Don Juan" on the "Dodo Remix," which also features many of Snoop's Doggystyle Allstars and Beans' State Property cohort Freeway.

"Feels so good like '85, smoking on that dodo," Lil 1/2 Dead sings on the track, which has that vintage drowsy, laid-back West Coast feel.

Elsewhere Snoop and company rework songs such as the Roots' "Break You Off," Bone Crusher's "Never Scared," Trick Daddy's "Nann" and Jay-Z's "La-La-La (Excuse Me Again)" to make their own original works.

When it comes to original material, David Banner has been doing it on both ends of the court. He can rap as well as produce (Nappy Roots, Trick Daddy, Snoop Dogg). D.B. showcases his skills on Mississippi: The Album — The Official DJ Skee Mixtape. Pudgee-P also dropped The Riot Squad this week, featuring songs from Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and Jay-Z.

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