Ol' Dirty Rocks Like Elton John At First Post-Jail Live Show

Wu-Tang Clan rapper performed at Vice magazine party Friday night in New York.

NEW YORK — Dirt McGirt took another step in his reentry into the hip-hop community on Friday night, performing for the first time since being let out of the state's custody a couple of months ago.

Fittingly, Dirty's gig was in his hometown of New York, as the main attraction of Vice magazine's release party at the new club Plaid, formerly known as Spa. As is usually the case with ODB's shows, the set did not go off without a hitch.

"You dumb son of a bitch!" Buddah Monk, Dirty's good friend and member of his Brooklyn Zoo clique, yelled at a heckling fan, who was part of the crammed crowd in the downstairs performance area anxiously awaiting the appearance of Wu-Tang Clan's wildest member. In the interim, which turned out to be nearly an hour, the Brooklyn Zoo stalled for time, with freestyles and Monk's profanity-filled diatribes, which were often met with an undercurrent of boos.

But not even Buddah's calling some outspoken onlookers M.F.ers and S.O.B.s would send the crowd packing. The fans wanted to see the ODB and cheered in unison when it was announced that he was finally in the building.

"Give us a few minutes and we'll get this boy onstage," the club's owner addressed everyone. "He's not fit to get onstage right now. We're gonna clean him up."

At this point, everyone seemed confused but no one was going anywhere. The club's owner got back on the mic and told everyone that after Dirty took "a leak" he was going to start the show.

McGirt made his way onto the stage shortly after, looking totally lucid and prepared to rock despite the owner's innuendo-laden allegations.

"Howdy," he told everyone and was answered with cheers. "Nothin' like Friday the 13th. I feel like Elton John in this mutha----a. I been locked down for awhile so y'all gotta excuse me. Let's see if I remember how to do this sh--."

Moments later a roar of "Ooh baby I like it raaawww," went out, signaling the commencement of "Shimmy Shimmy Ya." "For any MC in any 52 states/ I gets psycho, killeeerrr, Norman Bates!" he continued, garnering an ovation.

"I'm all right, ready to go on tour," Dirty said after his second song, "Baby C'mon." "It's Roc-A-Fella now, you now how they get down ... You know how Wu gets down.

"Y'all lookin' like some straight-up black and white Indians," he would say later in the set. "Y'all the craziest mutha----as ever coming to see the ODB. Y'all know how we get down. For real I miss y'all mutha----as."

Showing few signs of rust, Dirty couldn't miss in his efforts to delight his fans with an energetic combination punch of "Brooklyn Zoo" and "Got Your Money."

"I'm the one-man army, Ason/ I've never been tooken out, I keep MCs lookin' out." The crowd rapped along to "Brooklyn Zoo." "I drop science like girls be droppin' babies/ Enough to make a n---a go craaazaay!"

Later people were singing along, "Hey Dirty, baby I got your money," as McGirt bobbed his head. The reaction from the crowd felt so good to him, he asked to do one more song and started dropping more rhymes over the instrumental of "Got Your Money." 

"That was nothing short of f---ing amazing," one man, dressed in biker clothes with a long beard and ponytail, said as the audience started filing out.

Away from shows, Dirty has been in the studio working on his album, scheduled to be released this year (see "Ol' Dirty Lays Down Track With Pharrell Before Turning Into A Pumpkin"). Besides already completing two Neptunes tracks, the rhyme mauler is also supposed to be handed beats by the RZA, among others.

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