The Used Offer Old 'Memories' In New CD/DVD Package

Maybe Memories to hit shelves July 8.

In the golden days of rock — before the advent of DVD — artists released at least a couple of records before issuing live and B-sides discs. That no longer seems to be the case.

Just over a year after putting out their self-titled debut, Orem, Utah, group the Used will release the part concert, part demos-and-outtakes record and DVD, Maybe Memories. The disc, which hits shelves July 8, started out as just a DVD project and grew from there.

"We decided to film a show for DVD, so we shot in L.A., which was the first show of our headline tour," drummer Branden Steineckert explained. "The audio turned out so good that we decided, 'Let's make a live CD as well.' "

The disc features concert versions of "Maybe Memories," "A Box Full of Sharp Objects," "On My Own" and "Say Days Ago." In addition, Maybe Memories contains "Just a Little," a bonus track on the Japanese version of the band's first CD; "Alone This Holiday," which was originally on the KROQ Christmas Album; and the previously unreleased piano track "Sometimes I Just Go for It."

"[Singer] Bert [McCracken] recorded that while we were in London recording piano for the record," Steineckert said. "He had written it before, and he went, 'Wait, keep the tape rolling, I want to throw something down real quick.' Then he recorded this three-and-a-half minute song that's just beautiful."

The Used completists will be pleased that Maybe Memories also includes early demos of unreleased tracks "It Could be a Good Excuse" and "Zero Mechanism" and album cut "Bulimic."

"We just thought it would be cool to show people our ghetto home recordings we did on eight track," Steineckert said. "They were done with cheap mics and I had Bert singing in my closet, so it sounds like sh-- for the most part, but it's really good. These were the demos that got us our record contract."

The DVD portion of Maybe Memories contains more than 100 minutes of documentary footage from the band's early days in Utah, home movies, concert performances and the band's four videos.