Justin Guarini's To Do List: Children's Book, Movie, No Bar Mitzvahs

'American Idol' runner-up also wants to write and produce for other artists.

It's a good thing Justin Guarini has gotten used to not sleeping much, because his schedule doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon.

After the original "American Idol" runner-up spends the summer touring and promoting his album and the movie "From Justin to Kelly," he plans to write a children's book, make a second film, write and produce other artists, and more.

"I never, ever want to be pigeonholed in one medium, whether it be singing, which is my first passion, and performing or acting or doing Broadway," Guarini said. "I was offered an emcee role in 'Cabaret' on Broadway not too long ago, and that's an open-ended ticket, and I'd love to do that. I mean, that's amazing!"

Guarini would like to branch into more dramatic roles, whether on the stage or the big screen, but he's also open to comedy.

As for studio work, he got the bug to produce after watching Babyface, Wade Robson and others work on his album (see "Justin Guarini Sets Out To Prove 'I Can Really, Really Sing' ").

"Eventually people aren't going to want to see me anymore or maybe not want to hear my voice," Guarini explained. "I might start to fade a little bit in terms of all this [media attention], but in the background I'll always be there. I'm always going to be writing, I'm always going to be producing, I'm always going to be doing a little something, so if you don't see me, you'll hear me."

Guarini, who was writing songs and playing guitar and piano before "American Idol," developed a desire to write for other singers after he found so much joy in recording a song Brian McKnight wrote for him called "Condition of My Heart."

"I'm learning as much as I can, and I look really forward to writing even more on my next album," he said. "I've got two tracks on this album, but I'm looking forward to really digging my heels in for the next one."

Guarini's fans have another thing to look forward to on his second album. The singer, who was in an a cappella group called Midnight Voices in high school, is planning a return to his roots, at least on a song or two.

"It's just such a beautiful medium," he said. "You see groups like Take 6, which I've been influenced by, and I'd love to do that."

There is one pre-"American Idol" singing job you won't see Guarini returning to — bar mitzvahs.

"Anybody who knows any 13-year-olds knows that 13-year-olds are like, 'What have you done for me lately?' " he joked. "Actually, that whole thing was so key for me because it kept my dancing and my singing and my interpersonal skills up."