112 Team Up With Joe Budden, Super Cat On New LP

Reggae legend replaces Sean Paul on group's first single.

Mike, a.k.a. "The Prince" of 112, sounds like the quintessential pitchman as he jokes and plugs his group's next LP, entering in on the tail end of a conversation.

"It's going to be hot, it's going to wet!" he exclaimed during a conference call on Monday. "Hot and Wet [is] the name of the album, [and it drops] September 9. It's going to be real randy, baby. ... Now what the hell are we talking about?"

What Mike missed was Slim, who often sings lead, talking about how well he and the rest of the guys gelled with Joe Budden, who will appear on their LP's title track. "The 12," as they call themselves, also appear on Budden's recently released self-titled LP via "Ma, Ma, Ma."

"First of all, his vibe is not too far from ours," Slim said. "He blasted our song. He's just hot. When we wanted him on the song, 'Pump It Up' wasn't huge like it is now. It wasn't on the radio. We heard the song awhile ago and we wanted that next best thing. We had a choice of anybody, especially being on Def Jam, but we wanted the next [big] thing. We didn't want to use anybody that by the time we came out, they were going to be overly saturated. We had him on another track, but we came up with the 'Hot and Wet' and he ripped that more. We said we want him on that one."

While recording Hot and Wet in Nashville, 112 also secured the services of Sean Paul to appear on their first single, "Na Na Na Na" (see "112 Team Up With Sean Paul, Hope To Work With Ghostface Killah"). But due to Paul's overwhelming popularity of late, they have replaced the highly touted 'dutty' representative with reggae legend Super Cat (see "112 Go For The Slow-Grind Vibe On Hot And Wet").

"[The song] got changed because Sean Paul had a lot of other looks as far as being on different projects," Slim explained. "We wanted to keep it nice and fresh. We definitely understood that by the time our first single would have dropped he would be on his third single, and he has some other people he's working with. When we first picked Sean Paul, he was like Joe Budden: his album wasn't out. But it's all good, we got Super Cat and he really blessed us. Plus he's signed to Star Trak with the Neptunes, so you know what that's going to be. We got him before his album came out — a single or anything — so it's a real good setup."

112 have wrapped their album's production and plan on using "Na Na Na Na" as the first single and the LP's title track as the second.

"We're going to take it to the club; we're going to keep it sexy," Slim said of the lead cut. "All the fellas know what I'm talking about. You go to the club and you see this girl on the side and you're like, 'Oooh, man.' She's on the floor, she's grooving, looking real fly. It's like we're talking to ourselves, 'Na, na, na, you don't know what you're doing to me. You're looking so sexy.' We took dancehall and combined it with the dirty South and made it 'dirty hall.' When you see the video, that girl is going to be doing her thing.

"Caribana style, one big party in the streets," he continued, talking about what fans should expect of the clip. "We're coming back in a big way, so what's better [than] to party Caribana style? Makes you feel like you're at the Mardi Gras or something."

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