Final Suspect Arrested In Connection With Freaky Zeeky Shooting

John Mingo arrested in New York, charged with second-degree murder.

The third and final suspect wanted in connection with the shooting of Diplomats member Freaky Zeeky and slaying of his friend Eric Mangrum was apprehended by New York City police on Thursday.

A spokesperson for the NYPD said 32-year-old John Mingo was arrested and has since been charged with attempted robbery, first-degree assault, criminal possession of a weapon and second-degree murder.

Two other suspects, Chauncey Dillon and Herndon Williams, were previously arrested in connection with the shooting that occurred in the early hours of April 25 (see "Police Arrest Second Suspect In Freaky Zeeky Shooting"). Police reports say that a car carrying the three suspects was involved in a traffic accident with another vehicle that held Zeeky (born Ezekiel Jiles) and Mangrum as passengers. The authorities allege that Dillon, Williams and Mingo later opened fire, injuring Zeeky and murdering Mangrum in an attempted robbery gone wrong (see "Member Of Cam'ron's Diplomats Wounded In Deadly Shootout").

Mingo is due in court on Tuesday for his charges, while Dillon and Williams go back to court on July 2 and July 16, respectively.

Shortly after the shooting, Zeeky was back on his feet and talked about the incident on the radio. He has since been helping to promote the Diplomats' current LP, Diplomatic Immunity.