Baby, R. Kelly Become Foes After Move From Miami To Chicago

They'll star as rival crime bosses in upcoming film 'Eye Contact.'

NEW YORK — The video for the Big Tymers' "Gangsta Girl" featuring R. Kelly is done and ready to air soon, but Baby will have a severe falling out with Kelly later this year. They'll end just about all verbal communication and even try to drive one another out of town.

"We got a movie we'll start shooting in July called 'Eye Contact,' " Baby said Tuesday. "We're shooting it in Chicago. It's just two bosses, and the town ain't big enough for the both of us.

"Me and him grew up together; it's like having two Nino Browns in one city," he continued, referring to Wesley Snipes' drug lord character in "New Jack City." "We end up falling out. Money splits us up. He's like my big street brother. It's called 'Eye Contact' because we do a majority of the talking through our eyes."

In real life, the Birdman and the Pied Piper, who were connected through Kelly's former protégés and current Cash Money recording artists Boo & Gotti, are cool with each other. Baby trusts the R. so much that he had no problem taking flight when Kelly suggested it might make for an ill video scene.

"That really was Kelly's idea," Baby said about the Cash Money crew and Kelly riding on top of their vehicles in the video for "Gangsta Girl" (see "Baby And R. Kelly Car-Surf, Give It Up To 'Gangsta Girls' In New Video").

"He was like, 'Come on, Stunna, we need to do one wild out day in Miami. ... Jump on top of that Cadillac.' I was up there. He was up there, [Mannie] Fresh was up there, TQ was up there. I had a ball. ... We just balled out. I think it's going to probably be one of the biggest songs this summer. It's gonna be one of the biggest Cash Money songs ever."

Baby and Fresh are eight songs into the next Big Tymers album, Big Money Heavyweights. The Birdman said he hopes to do a collaboration with Toni Braxton for the LP.