Freeway Burning Up The Highway Touring, Shooting And Recording

Rapper has knocked out 12 cuts for Philadelphia Freeway follow-up, which he hopes to drop this year.

When not onstage, Freeway has been on the freeway the past few weeks, touring as part of the Def Jam Vendetta Tour, which ends in a couple of days.

Three weeks ago, however, the Philadelphia native got a chance to stay planted in his hometown while filming his latest clip with fellow State Property member Peedi Crakk.

"We just shot a big video for 'Flipside,' " Free said on Monday. "We shot it in the 'hood, we kept it all Philly. (Click to see photos.) It's a block party thing. I'm having a block party on my block and the cops shut it down. Then we go to Crakk's block [and] the cops shut his party down. Then we take it to the rooftops. We got Jay-Z, Biggs and Damon Dash in the video. My man Killer Mike came through and showed us love. It was big. It feels good, man, seeing everybody come out to the old neighborhood."

Free and Crakk will soon be jumping full steam into the State Property 2 LP along with Beanie Sigel, the Young Guns and Oschino & Sparks. Originally, Sigel was supposed to drop his third solo album, The Becoming, this summer, and round up the rest of State Property for a group album around the time their movie of the same name came out. But as we've seen before with the Roc, plans can quickly change and new projects can easily get jumpstarted.

In fact, one song off of State Property 2, "When You Hear That," featuring Beanie, Peedi and guest star Dirt McGirt, made its way onto the radio and mixtapes a few weeks ago, just a few days after being recorded.

"The streets need it," Free explained of SP 2. "Plus, it's good for all the artists, like Oschino & Sparks, who people know but haven't heard too much from. This is going to open up the door. You gonna hear a lot of everybody together, but it's gonna be different combinations too."

The bearded mic barbarian said his clan is going to deliver a more focused collaborative effort than they did last time around.

"The first joint, [the record label] was saying it was going to be a soundtrack, then it was going to be a regular album. N---as didn't sit down and concentrate on that. That was just songs we had and they put together. This one, we're sitting down, concentrating, everybody's working together and it's gonna be crazy."

Free has also been working on solo material while on tour. He has a studio on his bus and has knocked out 12 cuts for the follow-up to Philadelphia Freeway, which he hopes to drop later this year.

"All my experiences, I put it down," he said of the album's thematic flow. "I didn't even sit down and pick a direction — I just started knocking joints out. It's coming out crazy. Everywhere I've been going, I've been getting tracks from the n---as sitting in the gutter. The ones popping in the 'hood. If I told you their names, you wouldn't even know who I was talking about. I've been in the slum, I've been digging deep."

Even though the Def Jam Vendetta Tour will soon be closing out, Free's tour bus will be racking up mileage nonetheless. He and many of the members of the Roc-A-Fella family will be accompanying Jay-Z on the Roc the Mic Tour, which commences June 26 in Hartford, Connecticut (see "50 Cent And Jay-Z Announce Roc The Mic Tour Dates").