Bone Crusher Raps About Mariah's Sex Appeal, Talks Up His Own

ATL rapper rhymes for remix of Carey's 'The One.'

Bone Crusher needs to bone up on his Guy catalog.

He and Jermaine Dupri recently recorded a remix of Mariah Carey's "The One" where JD, who also produced the track, incorporated one of the famed R&B group's old songs. However, the big man from ATL cannot remember which one.

"It's a sample from a Guy record," Bone said on Monday, trying to think. "It's a sample from them, a slow song. I'm trying to think which one it is. It ain't 'Piece of My Love.' It might be 'Let's Chill.' I don't know for sure. You gonna have me thinking about it all day."

He was, however, very clear about his own part in the song.

"I go in, do a session, it takes me five minutes to write a rap. I do a verse and dip. [On my verse in the song] I'm talking about Mariah — how fantastically sexy she is."

The Bone and Jermaine Dupri remix of "The One" was recorded for a reissue of Mariah Carey's Charmbracelet, which is due this summer (see "Mariah Carey Adding Some New Charms To Her Bracelet").

The previous night, Bone had a chance to hang out with the alluring singer at Busta Rhymes' New York birthday party, which was also attended by Da Brat and E-40, with whom he just made a record as well.

"That's my 'folkers,' " Bone said of 40. "That's what he calls it, 'folkers.' We did a crunk record, Lil Jon did the track."

Last week the husky-voiced former chef hooked up with some other industry peeps for his own project, a remix video for "Never Scared."

"When they heard the [original version of the] song, they loved it," Bone remembered about getting up with Cam'ron, Jadakiss and Busta Rhymes. "I just asked them, 'Y'all want to do the song? OK cool.' I just love the love they're giving me.

"We shot the video for it," he continued. "You know the game 'Halo,' it looks just like that. We're dressed in all black, we're in this warehouse. It's got fire and stuff blowing up everywhere, it's real hot. A lot of action. Benny Boom directed the video. It's kinda wild, fire blowing up besides you, but you get used to it after two or three takes. The fire was real close. Ain't no special effects, that's Real Deal Holyfield."

Bone's original version of "Never Scared" has brought too much action to the clubs, according to a few promoters down South. Bone has had a few shows canceled because of fear that the club will get too rowdy when he performs (see "Bone Crusher Serves 'Scared' Rap Competitors A Steaming Slice Of ATL").

"It's a couple of promoters that won't promote us because of that," Bone explained. "People don't understand the record is a party anthem. They say you get rowdy or whatever, but that's a part of the club atmosphere. We're just having a good time getting crunk. A lot of people don't understand that, but they will."

Bone Crusher won't have to worry about club promoters' feelings too much longer, as he's hitting the road with 50 Cent, Jay-Z and others for the Roc the Mic Tour starting in July (see "50 Cent And Jay-Z Announce Roc The Mic Tour Dates").

"It's going to be fantastic, that's what it's going to be," he gloated.

And if you buy a ticket for the hip-hop-heavy outing, be prepared to see the 300-pound-plus MC disrobe and go topless. He says his girth is a turn-on for some ladies.

"I hear it all the time," he answered about getting referred to a sex symbol. "I believe in pushing the threshold and making sure [my show] is the most phenomenal thing to touch mankind."

One thing Crusher won't be doing on the tour is throwing on an apron and showing off his culinary crafting. He's tired of staying in the kitchen.

"I ain't cooking nothing," he scoffed. "When I was cooking [as an occupation] I didn't like to cook, but now that I told everybody I could cook, everybody wants me to cook for them. I got to go now and do an interview and photo shoot and cook the Shitake Sunrise. Everybody is talking about the Shitake Sunrise. It's real easy to make. All you need to do is boil some noodles. You cook you some shrimp, a little minced garlic, that's about it."

Bone says he's already started working on his second album, the follow-up to Attenchuun!, which dropped earlier this year. He'll be using the same producers, and will probably get some work from JD, but unlike his first LP, he wants to keep the number of guest appearances low, if he uses any at all.

The rapper is far from finished pushing Attenchun!, however — he's gearing up to film another clip, this time for "Grippin' the Grain," which he says will most likely feature a lot of girls and cars.