Mya Gets Like ... Wo On New Album

Songbird to release racy new LP, Moodring, July 22.

Mya's sexy new song "My Love Is Like ... Wo" is far from your average choice for a first single. She needed some time to sit with it — a whole year. But after 365 days and a little coaxing from her camp, the singer felt more comfortable releasing a tune where she declares, "My ass is like wo."

The first offering from her third LP, Moodring, doesn't spell the end of Mya's shows of sensuality, however.

"You keep it tight, hit me off how I like, every day, every night," she sings on the piano-powered "No Sleep," where she makes a 3 a.m. booty call to her man. "They say I'm shy, but you know that's a lie," she goes on to sing before further testifying about how good the love is with her mate.

Mya's words on "Anatomy One-on-One" might make you pat yourself on the forehead with a handkerchief, as she sings even steamier lyrics, vividly detailing a session of passion with her Mr. Do Right. "You found a position that turns me on," she gushes. "Temperature's hotter than fire/ And the heat has got me burning up/ Let's stop, drop and roll together."

Unfortunately her flames are doused with a dose of reality that is as sobering as a cold shower on "Step." Here you can imagine the petite crooner getting set to put up her dukes as she complains about a girl who's trying to take her man. And you wouldn't believe it by Mya's usually dainty behavior, but she can get down and dirty in a slugfest. She threatens to take off her heels and tells the jezebel that wants to break up her happy home, "I ain't got no time for the bullshhhh/ You should have a little respect 'cause if a girl is f---ing your man, you wouldn't like that."

Mya is "cold-blooded" after all, as she sings on the disco throwback "Sophisticated Lady," where she promises to make any man holla because she is the flyest of the fly. The playfully unabashed "Whatever Bitch" also steps outside the usual R&B soundscapes. That cut finds Mya using house music to dismiss jealous girls who roll their eyes at her and want to spoil her partying.

"They calling me a ho 'cause I'm trying to get my freak on," she scoffs. "But bitch, we're in a club, what the hell do you expect bitch?/ I worked too freaking hard to let a hata bring me down."

But Mya's biggest foe on Moodring may not be a woman — it could very well be the object of her affection. "Why You Gotta Look So Good?" tells the story of the songbird struggling to leave a bad relationship. G-Unit member Lloyd Banks guest stars on the track, rapping from the male perspective about the same woeful situation.

"We both know if you put on some extra pounds I would have left a long time ago ..." Banks says. "I can't find good enough reason to try to hit the road .../ It's a shame how your female anatomy keeps grabbing me."

Besides recording Moodring, which is due July 22, Mya also just finished filming a part in "Havana Nights: Dirty Dancing 2." Unlike her part in "Chicago," where she appeared as an inmate, she plays a role closer to herself in this flick: a singer.