Baby And R. Kelly Car-Surf, Give It Up To 'Gangsta Girls' In New Video

Song is first single off Big Tymers' next LP, Big Money Heavyweights, due July 29.

MIAMI — The Birdman may get fly in any weather, but last week there was no need to worry about the weather or even taking flight for that matter. The temperature was borderline perfect, and Cash Money CEO and Big Tymers member Baby was busy getting his roll on.

He's nowhere as nice with the stuntwork as Lee Majors' bounty-hunting "Fall Guy" character, Colt Seavers, but Baby seemed oblivious to that when he was riding in South Beach on the outside of his crimson Cadillac Escalade while the cameras filmed his new Bille Woodruff-directed video, "Gangsta Girl." He had his butt on the roof, one leg draped over part of the windshield and his other foot on the passenger side of the window, rhyming to the record.

Meanwhile, the song's guest star, R. Kelly, draped in a Joe Montana, Kansas City Chiefs throwback, opted to stand, riding on the door of a red drop-top Benz and flanking Baby's ride on the left.

"You can catch me in the club with a gang-sta giiirrl," the R&B legend boasted, singing along with vocals he'd recorded earlier in the day.

During the scene, there were plenty of vehicles and sexy women in the background.

"When I ride I'm gonna ride with a gang-sta giiirrl," he continued with Baby and Fresh dancing beside him. "When I smoke I'm gonna smoke with a gang-sta giiirrl/ When I freak, I'm gonna freak me a gangsta."

Later on that night, with Woodruff still coaching from the set's sideline, the gangsta party continued on the beach, getting rowdy at times.

"At a gang-sta par-dee, she'll be drinking Bacardi," rapped Baby, bouncing to the guitars, chimes and flutes that the song's producer, Kelly, used to invoke a Middle Eastern feel. "And she pops her body/ Don't you hurt nobody.'

Fresh later jumped in with his humorous rap tale. "Once upon a time in this place called 'hood/ Where the beautiful girls shake it and they all smell good/ Lived this legendary pimp by the name of Fresh/ Fixed hair, fixed nails, fixed toes, fixed breast."

"Gangsta Girl" is the first single off the Big Tymers' next LP, Big Money Heavyweights, due July 29. Besides Kelly, the group also hosts appearances by most of the acts on Cash Money. As always, Mannie Fresh handled many of the tracks and Kelly and Jazze Pha also contributed beats.

The song and video are just a sample of what's to come from Kelly and Cash Money. No details are available yet, but according to the #1 Stunna, the two sides will also be teaming up to star in a movie.