Steve-O Sprung From Jail After Pleading Guilty To Drug Possession

Stuntman pays $5,820 fine.

After being held in a Swedish jail for nearly a week, "Jackass" co-star Steve-O has struck a deal with Stockholm authorities, who had been preparing a case of drug possession and trafficking against him.

The stuntman, whose real name is Stephen Glover, pleaded guilty to two counts of drug possession and was released Tuesday morning (May 27) after paying a fine.

In a preliminary hearing on Saturday, Glover, who had yet to be charged, admitted to possessing drugs — 5 grams of marijuana and one pill of ecstasy — that were found in his hotel room after a raid by Swedish police, prompted by boasts to local media that he had swallowed a condom filled with drugs (see "Steve-O Arrested For Allegedly Swallowing Condom Full Of Drugs"). Glover denied that he had smuggled the drugs into Sweden, and told the court that he had no idea where the ecstasy pill came from, his attorney Jason Berk said. Glover also said that his story about swallowing the condom filled with drugs was just a joke, and apologized for his "bad sense of humor."

The Stockholm district court granted prosecutor Gunnar Fjaestad's request to detain the stuntman until June 6. In Sweden, authorities have the right to detain suspects for up to two weeks without formal charges. On rare occasions, suspects have been held for up to a year without charges while investigations were pending, according to Glover's local defense counsel, Bjoern Hurtig.

Glover's defense immediately appealed the detention order, arguing that there was no reason to hold Glover since he was not a flight risk. Furthermore, they argued, it prevented him from earning a living, since Glover had been on tour in Europe when the arrest occurred. "To suggest that Steve-O is a flight risk is almost humorous," his attorney Berk said in a statement. "This is a person whose whereabouts are known by the general public every day of his life. It is unwarranted to place Steve-O's career and livelihood in jeopardy by restricting his liberty ... It is unconceivable that he would jeopardize his career by becoming a fugitive for failing to attend his court proceedings."

After the appeal, the prosecution offered Glover a plea bargain. In exchange for Glover's admission of guilt on the two counts of possession, prosecutors dropped the charge of smuggling and fined the stuntman 45,000 crowns (equivalent to $5,820), without requiring any travel restrictions or terms of probation.

Glover, who ended up not missing any dates on his Don't Try This at Home Tour, left after the settlement to continue his trek in Helsinki, Finland. Beginning July 3 in Ionia, Michigan, he will be one of the second-stage acts on Lollapalooza.