Avril And Fred Durst Make Beautiful Music Together

Bizkit frontman appeared onstage with 'Complicated' teen on Thursday.

Look out, Norah Jones — Fred Durst seems to be jonesing to perform with today's top-charting female pop stars.

His latest conquest? Ms. Avril Lavigne.

Durst and Lavigne chatted and became friends backstage at the "mtvICON: Metallica" taping (see "Avril, Snoop Dogg, Lisa Marie Presley Bow Down To Metallica"), and on Thursday Avril invited the Limp Bizkit frontman to sing onstage with her during "Complicated." Durst sported an "I (heart) Avril" shirt, and after he sang, Avril climbed on Fred's back for the rest of the song, a spokesperson at Lavigne's label said. They were joined by Gob singer/guitarist Theo Goutzinakis and two members of the audience.

In January, Durst made nice with Britney Spears, after which the pop princess asked him to produce some material for her upcoming record (see "Britney Spears And Fred Durst Shack Up ... In The Studio, At Least"). It's unclear whether any of those tracks will make her next record.

However, Durst's appearance with Avril could make her next album, a live record due September 9. Lavigne has recorded and filmed several shows over the past few months, according to her publicist, and when Lavigne drops her live disc she'll also release a concert DVD, which will likely include interview and backstage footage.

Limp Bizkit continue to work on their next album, which is now due in September (see "Wild Boy Fred Durst Working On New Wave Solo Project").