A Red Pill With That Popcorn, Please — 'Matrix Reloaded' Is #1

Sequel takes in $93.3 million over weekend to claim second biggest opening ever.

As Morpheus once told Neo, no one can be told what the Matrix is — you have to see it for yourself. And enough people did just that this past weekend to make "The Matrix Reloaded" the second biggest movie opening of all time.

The first of this year's two "Matrix" sequels took in $93.3 million, second only to "Spider-Man," which opened with $115 million last year. And thanks to early screenings late Wednesday and all day Thursday, "The Matrix Reloaded" has hauled in more than $135 million. (Click for photos from "The Matrix Reloaded.")

The only film brave enough to go into wide release the same weekend as "Reloaded" was Ewan McGregor and Renée Zellweger's "Down With Love." The romantic comedy was #4 with $7.65 million, while the #2 slot belonged to another comedy, Eddie Murphy's "Daddy Day Care," which took in $19.2 million for a two-week total of $51.3 million. (Click for photos from "Down With Love.")

"The Matrix Reloaded" also knocked another action sequel from the top spot, as "X2: X-Men United" fell to #3 with $17.1 million. The Marvel Comics flick has made $174 million over the past three weeks.

The rest of the weekend's top 10 includes "The Lizzie McGuire Movie" at #5 with $4.5 million ($32.1 million, three weeks); "Anger Management" at #6 with $3.6 million ($128.3 million, six weeks); "Identity" at #7 with $3.4 million ($44.8 million, four weeks); "Holes" at #8 with $3 million ($55.8 million, five weeks); "A Mighty Wind" at #9 with $1.7 million ($12.1 million, five weeks); and "Bend It Like Beckham" at #10 with $1.5 million ($15.1 million, 10 weeks).

"The Matrix Revolutions," the third installment in the "Matrix" trilogy, is scheduled to hit theaters November 7.