Downtime Means 50 Cent And Sushi For Korn's Rhythm Section

Drummer David Silveria discuss new album at PlayStation 2 party.

SANTA MONICA, California — While Korn spent millions on fancy recording gear for last year's Untouchables, money for the follow-up is going other places — like gas.

While guitarists Munky and Head finish their parts in a Los Angeles studio, Jonathan Davis is driving around the country on a tour bus writing lyrics, drummer David Silveria said Tuesday. When the singer returns he can expect music a bit different from Korn's well-polished fifth album.

"It's a little heavier, a little more simple than the last couple records, a little more riff-based, not so melodic in the music," Silveria said. "And a little more stripped-down."

Silveria and bassist Fieldy are finished with their parts for the still-untitled release, which could explain why both took in 50 Cent's performance at a party hosted by Sony's PlayStation 2 division on Tuesday.

Before the show, Fieldy explained the benefits of self-producing the album (see "Korn Finishing Up LP, Jonathan Davis Says Bizkit's Axeman 'No Wes' "). "The band being together and not having some outside dude over our shoulders that we don't know [makes us] all comfortable," he said. "There's nobody saying, 'Do this, do that.' "

Though Davis said recently that Fieldy was working on his second Fieldy's Dreams album, the bassist said he's been too busy to start anything. As for Silveria's activity outside of Korn, the part-time model has been keeping up Tuna Town, his Huntington Beach, California, sushi restaurant — or at least checking in on it.

"I don't do too much of the daily stuff," he said. "Just eat the food and drink the drinks."

Silveria also spent a lot of time rehearsing for Korn's performance of "One" at "mtvICON: Metallica" (see "Avril, Snoop Dogg, Lisa Marie Presley Bow Down To Metallica").

"I was more nervous to play the song for the four of them than the crowd," the drummer said. "Just knowing it was a band we grew up listening to and we're playing one their songs that in my opinion is one of their best songs, my favorite. I'm looking out and all their eyes were right on us. It was great, though."