Kelly Osbourne Has More To Say Than Just Shut Up

In addition to working on second LP, singer also thinking about film role.

SANTA MONICA, California — Kelly Osbourne recently split with her record label, but that doesn't mean she's going to Shut Up.

The "Osbournes" star said Tuesday she has a few songs already written for a second album. "If you listen to the lyrics, it's so much more mature," Kelly said at a party hosted by Sony's PlayStation 2 division.

"When I did [my debut] I was 16, and how much you change from when you're 16 to 17 is a lot. From 16 to 19 is a huge difference," said the singer, who turns 19 in October.

Osbourne said she hopes her departure from Epic Records will only advance her music career (see "Ozzy And Kelly Osbourne Parting Ways With Record Label"). "I'm actually really happy about it. [Former Sony Music chief] Tommy Mottola signed me, and then when he left I kind of got put on the shelf, you know. [Leaving] was just a mutual agreement, where I can go somewhere where they'll look after me. [Epic] is still our friends. I've known one of the people there my whole entire life."

In addition to continuing her music career, Kelly is finalizing her first foray into film. She's been reading several scripts and is in talks with the producers of one of them, though she won't reveal details until a deal is finalized.

"I've been offered some really stupid roles, like the ugly stepsister and stuff, but I don't wanna do anything like that," she said. "I'd rather do an independent movie than, like, a major movie, just because I don't even know if I can act yet."

Before Kelly makes it to the big screen, fans can see her in the third and most likely final season of "The Osbournes," which kicks off June 10.