Rob Zombie Digging Up 'Corpses' Sequel, Producing Comedy LP

Script hasn't been written yet, but spring 2004 is being eyed for film's release.

Rob Zombie knows if there's one thing horror fans crave nearly as much as fake blood, it's sequels. That's why he's already writing a follow-up to his feature film debut — just don't expect it to be called "House of 1001 Corpses."

"It's got to be more than that, doesn't it?" Zombie joked recently. "No one's gonna come to the movies to see one more corpse. [That's] not worth $10.50."

"I've got a bunch of ideas [for movies, but] the next film will be the sequel," he explained, "because the first one blew up so big so fast."

"House of 1000 Corpses" has taken in nearly $11 million since it was finally unleashed a month ago, despite playing in a limited number of theaters. Its success is even sweeter because of the difficulties the first-time filmmaker faced getting it released.

Universal Pictures bankrolled the low-budget gore fest — a grisly tale of stranded young travelers being tormented by bizarre lunatics, drawing heavily from Zombie favorites like "Last House on the Left" and "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" — but the studio refused to release it after executives found a brutal rough cut too disturbing. The flick found a temporary home at MGM, which eventually balked as well, before settling in at Lions Gate Films, the company that distributed the ultraviolent satire "American Psycho" (see "Rob Zombie Finds Resting Place For His 'Corpses' ").

Zombie hopes to have a script for the sequel finished by September, and Lions Gate is eyeing a spring 2004 release date. "I can't really give anything away [about the story] 'cause I didn't write the script yet," he said.

Though the former White Zombie vocalist put together a recent Ramones tribute, contributed to the "Matrix Reloaded" soundtrack and collaborated with Lionel Ritchie on a version of "Brick House," Rob hasn't released an album since 2001's The Sinister Urge, and he has no plans to re-enter the studio anytime soon, at least not to work on material of his own.

"Chris Hardwick, who's in ['Corpses'], we're working on a comedy record together," he said. "I'm not on the record. I'm just producing it for him, getting this together 'cause he's a hilarious stand-up comic but nobody knows him. They just think of him as the guy from 'Shipmates.' "

And never one to leave a space in his appointment book empty, Rob will also host a handful of episodes of MTV's newly relaunched "Headbangers Ball" on MTV2.

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