Queen Latifah Joining Mob, Promises 'No Blood, No Tears'

Rapper/actress in talks to star as mafia don in remake of South Korean comedy.

Queen Latifah is about to give Tony Soprano some honest competition. The rapper/actress is wrapping up talks with Miramax to star as a mob boss in a remake of the South Korean film "My Wife Is a Gangster."

The action-comedy flick tells the story of a female don who gets married to fulfill the last wish of her dying sister. She sends her goons out to find the most naive chump they can find in hopes that her new hubby won't dig too deep into her professional life. Things get complicated when he starts to piece together the puzzle, and she surprises herself by falling in love. Latifah will also executive produce the project.

On a related note, Latifah is developing a second Korean remake, titled "No Blood, No Tears" and concerning two maltreated women who meet by strange coincidence. With little in common and nothing to lose, the pair devise a plan to extort cash from their male oppressors, and they find themselves in dangerous circumstances as a result.

In addition to the two remakes, Latifah has been asked to make an appearance in "Barbershop 2" and to star in and produce a spinoff called "Beauty Shop" (see "Queen Latifah In Talks For 'Barbershop 2' Cameo, Spinoff"). She also has the romantic comedy "Just Wright" on her plate as well as the CBS detective show "Mali Anderson" (see "Queen Latifah Signs On For NBA Cinderella Story").

Latifah earned a Best Supporting Actress nomination at both the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards for her role in "Chicago," and her last big picture — the Steve Martin comedy "Bringing Down the House" — has made close to $130 million.