Lance Bass To Star In 'Gatsby' Film With Paris Hilton

'NSYNC singer also writing horror film called 'Imaginary Friend.'

So what does Lance Bass have in common with hotel heiress Paris Hilton?

Well, besides being blonde and getting invited to socialite-stuffed shindigs, the 'NSYNC vocalist and the older half of the model/actress Hilton sisters are teaming up for the latest Hollywood take on an F. Scott Fitzgerald classic.

"[It's] a remake along the lines of 'The Great Gatsby,' but younger," Bass explained at Wednesday's "Matrix Reloaded" premiere in Los Angeles (see "Durst, Bass, Zombie, 'Matrix' Cast Turn Out For 'Reloaded' Premiere"). Bass will star in the currently-in-development flick, one of many he has on his plate.

"I'm writing my first horror film right now, called 'Imaginary Friend,' " he added. "It should be along the lines of that old fun Freddy Krueger-type stuff. ... We've got a nice imaginary friend-type [slasher character] that will scare the bejesus out of ya'."

An avid horror film fan, Bass said he's bummed he's not part of this fall's "Freddy vs. Jason" film (see "Freddy Vs. Jason: A Match Made in Hell"). "I was so mad 'cause I didn't know they were filming it [until they were finished]. I would have begged to die in that movie. That would've been my dream."

But he has plenty of other projects through his A Happy Place production company, including "some kids movies," to tide him over.

Lance's film and television work, JC Chasez's solo album (see "JC Chasez Previews Schizophrenic Solo Debut"), Joey Fatone's comedy record, Chris Kirkpatrick's managing work with the band Ohno, and Justin Timberlake's summer tour (see "New 'NSYNC In 2004, But First A Joey Fatone Comedy LP") will keep 'NSYNC from reconvening anytime soon, and it looks like Justin could be next to follow in Lance and Joey's Tinseltown footsteps.

Timberlake has been sent several scripts in the last few months, including "Superman," though a spokesperson for the singer said it was unclear whether they wanted him to read for the lead role or Super pal Jimmy Olsen. And since that project currently has no director attached (see " 'Superman' Movie Still Has No Superman, And Now Has No Director") and Timberlake has television and tour commitments (see "Justin Timberlake: The Next John Madden?" and "Justin Timberlake/ Christina Aguilera Tour Dates Announced"), it will likely be some time before he commits to any new projects.

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