Ozzy And Kelly Osbourne Parting Ways With Record Label

Although Ozzy, Kelly leaving Epic, Jack Osbourne to keep his position in label's A&R department.

The Osbournes are looking for a new home.

No, rock's first family aren't packing up and moving out of their Beverly Hills abode. It's the search for a new label home for Kelly and Ozzy that has the clan pounding the pavement.

Both father and daughter are leaving Sony Music, according to an Osbournes spokesperson. Although Kelly has only been with Sony subsidiary Epic since releasing her debut, Shut Up!, in late November, Ozzy has had a home at Sony Music for decades, since first going solo in 1980 with Blizzard of Ozz, released by the now defunct Jet imprint.

The reason for the split is contentious, at least in the world of weekly magazines. The Osbournes camp claims the decision to move was amicable and is tied to January's departure of chairman and CEO Tommy Mottola, who oversaw all things Osbourne for years (see "Mariah's Ex, Sony Chairman Tommy Mottola Steps Down").

"No one's done anything wrong," Sharon Osbourne told People magazine in its current issue. "After all this time you get used to each other, so it's no longer exciting when a new album is turned in. We want that excitement back."

Perhaps proof that the two sides parted on good terms, Jack Osbourne still holds his position in Epic's A&R department.

People's newsstand rival Us Weekly cites a different reason for the separation: poor album sales. Kelly's debut album has sold fewer than 150,000 copies, according to SoundScan.

The Us story also claims that Kelly was nearly done recording her second album, something an Osbournes spokesperson denies. She will, however, appear in an upcoming movie.

A spokesperson for Epic had no comment.