One Suspect Nabbed, One Still At Large In Connection With Rapper Shooting

Rapper said shooting was motivated by the attempted robbery of his chain

NEW YORK — One suspect has been arrested and another one remains at large in connection with the shooting of Diplomat member Freaky Zeeky and the killing of his friend, Eric Mangrum.

On Tuesday, Chauncey Dillon, 29, of Brooklyn was charged with second-degree murder stemming from an incident on April 25. Police are also looking for another man, John K. Mingo, who they say was also involved.

According to police reports, a vehicle carrying Zeeky (born Ezekiel Jiles), Mangrum and two others was involved in a traffic dispute with a silver sedan in Manhattan in the wee hours of the morning (see "Member Of Cam'ron's Diplomats Wounded In Deadly Shootout"). Dillon and an entourage of four others, which allegedly included Mingo, were believed to have been traveling in that car.

An argument ensued, leading to shots being exchanged between both parties, according to police. Zeeky was shot in the torso and Mangrum was fatally wounded via bullets to his chest. Both were rushed to St. Vincent's hospital, where Jiles was listed in stable condition and Mangrum was pronounced dead on arrival.

With Dillon in custody, police have now turned their attention toward capturing John K. Mingo. A press conference was held Thursday afternoon at which authorities offered a $2,000 reward for information leading to his apprehension.

Freaky Zeeky, who has been released from the hospital, doesn't seem to be the worst for wear. Early Friday morning (May 2), the wildest member of the Dips appeared as a guest on New York radio station Hot 97 as a guest on DJ Kay Slay's "The Drama Hour."

"I'm back on the streets; I'm talking, I'm breathing," he said, describing his present condition. He also indicated that the shootings were more than likely robbery-driven — before his assailants shot him, they first tried to rob him of his chain and he put up a fight. He said that although the robbers initially succeeded in snatching his chain during the scuffle, he was able grab it back before they drove off.

[This story was updated May 2nd 2003 at 12:21 ET]