New Releases: 'American Idol,' Lil' Mo, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Trey Anastasio, Bone Crusher & More

If you haven't heard enough warbling from the "American Idol 2" finalists, you're the only one. But you're also in luck. This week the top 10 release The All-Time Classic Love Songs.

On the disc, you'll find the ubiquitous "God Bless the USA" as performed by the kids, plus "On the Wings of Love" by Clay Aiken, "Killing Me Softly With His Song" by Kimberly Caldwell, and of course "Superstar" by Ruben Studdard.

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, powered by singer Karen O and a formidable buzz, release their debut full-length album, Fever to Tell, featuring tracks like "Rich" and "Tick" that reveal Karen O's true power as a front woman. Other songs, such as "Modern Romance" and "Maps," show the band's dimensions beyond the now near-meaningless label "garage rock revivalists."

Depeche Mode's Martin L. Gore delivers the second installment in his cover song series, Counterfeit 2. This time Gore takes on Iggy Pop's "Tiny Girls," Nico's "The Song of the Lonely Girl," Lou Reed's "Candy Says," and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds' "Lover Man." The first single from the album will be a cover of David Essex's "Stardust."

Trey Anastasio of Phish fame lets his Plasma flow on a live double CD featuring songs performed during last year's tour along with previously unreleased tracks, including a cover of Bob Marley's "Small Axe" and Phish's "Magilla." Meanwhile, Howie Day presents the Madrigals EP and Lil' Mo returns with Meet the Girl Next Door and the first single "4Ever" with chronic collaborator Fabolous.

The compilation Gotham Garage: The Best New Rock From New York showcases, well, what some might call the best new rock from New York. You'll get songs by the Fever, the Improbable and Charm School. Charming.

Out Tuesday, April 29:

  • Accelerators - Fuel (Revel Yell)

  • Agerman - Truth (Roc Diamond)

  • Amazing Transparent Man - Taking Back the Covers (EP, Springman)

  • Trey Anastasio - Plasma (2 CDs, Elektra)

  • The Band - The Moon Struck One (Simply the Best)

  • Jeff Beck - Best of Jeff Beck (Simply the Best)

  • Big Ross/T-Rock - Ya'll Ain't Ready (Image)

  • Black Dynasty -Reality Check: Deep East (Community)

  • Black Lipstick - Converted Thieves (Peek-A-Boo)

  • Bone Crusher - Attenchun (Arista)

    Read: "Bone Crusher Serves 'Scared' Rap Competitors A Steaming Slice Of ATL"

  • Boz Boorer - My Wild Life (Raucous)

  • Brazen - Orphaned (Sticksister)

  • Rip Carson - Singles Collection (Hepcat)

  • Chap - Horse (Lo)

  • Howie Day - Madrigals (EP, Sony)

  • Dirty South Mafia - It's a Robbery (Attitude)

  • Divinyls - Pleasure & Pain (Simply the Best)

  • DJ Skully - Champion Sounds (7-Live)

  • Doubledrive - Blue in the Face (Roadrunner)

  • Dynamo Productions - Analogue (Classic/Illicit)

  • Ellis - Tigers Above Tigers Below (Rubberneck)

  • FBC - Born to Hustle (Shot Callin')

  • Fear Cult - Visionary Complex (Cleopatra)

  • 400 Blows - Black Rainbow (Rehash)

  • Generation X - BBC Live — One Hundred Punks (Strange Fruit)

  • Gerhardt - Plays With Himself (Stickman)

  • Girl - Anthology (Castle)

  • Goldcard - Goldcard (Off)

  • Martin L. Gore - Counterfeit 2 (Warner Bros.)

  • D.B. Harris - Can I Return These Flowers (Nighttime)

  • Heatseekers - In Praise Of (Ohev)

  • HGH - Seb's Hotel (Stickman)

  • Hitman Sammy Sam - The Step Daddy (Universal)

  • Martin Horntveth - Skull (EP, Smalltown Supersound)

  • Incognito - Who Needs Love (Dome)

  • Influents - Some of the Young (Adeline)

  • Jets - Bolt of Lightning (Krypton)

  • King Johnson - Hot Fish Laundry Mat (Landslide)

  • Cledus T. Judd - Six Pack of Judd (Sony)

  • Kitty Kallen - Our Lady Kitty Kallen (Sepia)

  • Katatonia - Viva Emptiness (Peaceville)

  • Kevlar - Great Collapse (Sticksister)

  • King JC - Ana Off My Chest (Playalistic Entertainment)

  • KVLR - On Planted Streets (Sticksister)

  • Langhorns - Mission Exotica (Bad Taste)

  • Last Rough Cause/Society's Rejects - Skins N' Punks (Step 1)

  • Lil' Mo - Meet the Girl Next Door (Elektra)

    Read: "Lil' Mo Wants To Drop Beef With Ja Rule And Focus On Family"

  • Locust Fudge - Business Express (EP, Sticksister)

  • Todd Londagin - Introducing Todd Londagin (Artists Only)

  • Lousy - Babylon District (Knockout)

  • John Martyn - Live at the Bottom Line, New York 1983 (United States)

  • Matchbox - Rockabilly Dynamos, Vol. 1 (Raucous)

  • Ian McNabb - Ian McNabb (Castle)

  • Alan Merrill - Double Shot Rocks (Orchard)

  • The Mighty Wah! - Nah=Poo: The Art of Bluff (Castle)

  • Moondogs - John Peel Sessions (DeTour)

  • Motorpsycho - Roadwork, Vol. 2: The Motor Source Massacre (Stickman)

  • Motorpsycho - Serpentine (EP, Stickman)

  • Motorpsycho - It's a Love Cult (Stickman)

  • Jamie Obstbaum - Area (Orchard)

  • Officer May - Smoking in a Minor (Ace Fu)

  • Palaxy Tracks - Cedarland (Peek-A-Boo)

  • Tom Paxton - American Troubadour (Empire Music)

  • Peter Perrett - Live With the One (United States)

  • Phunk Junkeez - Rock It Science (Suburban Noize)

  • Pipas - A Cat Escaped (Matinee Recordings)

  • Pistol River - Memory Like Mine (Orchard)

  • Kelly Price - Priceless (Universal)

    Buy Now: Priceless (Universal)

  • Prince EP - For the Six (Lightyear)

  • Rock-A-Hulas - Bad Seed Is Coming to Town (Animal)

  • Rumblers - Hold on Tight (Switchblade)

  • Ruthless - Ruthless 4 Life (Dirty South)

  • S. Diggie - Changin' da Game (Orpheus)

  • Sad Cafe - Saving Grace (Castle)

  • Santana - Magic Rhythms (Prism)

  • Senses Fail - From the Depths of Dreams (EP, MCA)

  • Derek Sherinian - Black Utopia (Inside Out)

  • Sign of 4 - Dancing With St. Peter (Navarre)

  • Slope - M (Sonar Kollektiv)

  • Slut - Sensation (EP, Sticksister)

  • Sons of Hercules - Right Now (Suprema)

  • Star One - Live on Earth (Inside Out)

  • Stiff Little Fingers - Radio One Sessions (Strange Fruit)

  • Strawbs - Blue Angel (Witchwood)

  • Sticky Fingaz - Decade (Riviera)

  • Subtitle - I'm Always Recovering From Tomorrow (EP, Gold Standard)

  • A Sudden Sway - Seventysix Kids Forever (Cherry Red)

  • Sunride - Great Infiltration (People Like You)

  • Suzy K. - Circle (Lightyear)

  • T Nutty - Last of the Flowheecanz (Murder Creek)

  • They Came From the Stars - What We Are Doing Here (Lo)

  • 13 Cats - 13 Tracks (Cleopatra)

  • .38 Special - Very Best of the A&M Years 1977-1988 (Interscope)

  • John Travolta - Collection (Madacy)

  • Uproar - And the Lord Said (Step 1)

  • Ursa Minor - Silent Moving Picture (Smells Like)

  • Vanilla Muffins - Drug Is Football (Knockout)

  • Lou Volpe - Can You Hear That (Cap)

  • Rick Wakeman - Real Lisztomania (United States)

  • Wakeman & Cousins - Hummingbird (Witchwood)

  • Watchers - To the Rooftops (Gern Blandsten)

  • Ray Wilson - Change (Inside Out)

  • Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Fever to Tell (Interscope)

    Buy Now: Fever to Tell (Interscope)

  • Zeno - On the Road (True Life)

  • Various artists - American Idol Season 2: All-Time Classic American Love Songs (RCA)

  • Various artists - Chicano Rap Oldies (Sideshow)

  • Various artists - Female Tribute to Creed (Reverberations)

  • Various artists - Gotham Garage: The Best New Rock From New York (Orchard)

  • Various artists - Old School R&B (Thump)

  • Various artists - Pickin' on Willie Nelson: A Bluegrass Tribute (CMH)

  • Various artists - Rock N Roll Reunion 1960–71 (one release for each year, Madacy)

  • Various artists - Stickin' It to You Again (Stickman)

  • Various artists - String Quartet Tribute to Pearl Jam (also Pink Floyd and Marilyn Manson, Vitamin)

  • Various artists - Tribute to Rascal Flatts (Big Eye)

  • Various artists - Tribute to Tim McGraw (Big Eye)

  • Various artists - Wu Tang Collective (Empire Music)

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