Mixtape Mondays: DJ S&S

Rare compilation by uptown DJ features Lil' Kim, M.O.P., Da Brat, Mobb Deep, Diplomats.

Name: DJ S&S

Mixtape: The 2nd Round: Going for the Title

Hometown: Harlem, New York

Joints to check for: "Dipset, Dipset" and "My Love" remix by the Diplomats; "The Jump Off" remix by Lil' Kim featuring Mobb Deep and Mr. Cheeks; "Take It" by Cassidy; "World Premiere" by Da Brat featuring M.O.P., Jermaine Dupri and Q Da Kid

Previous mixtape: Going for the Crown

The 411: Harlem's husky record spinner doesn't drop mixtapes as frequently as he did in the '90s, but when he puts a product out on the street, he tries to make sure it's thorough.

"I'm going harder than I was before," says S&S, who put out his first mixtape in the winter of 1993. " I had to fall back a little bit from doing tapes because I do beats and parties a lot. Those are what pay the bill, the tapes I do for the love. Now I want back in the tape game [because] the tape game is kinda weak right now. I feel I can take it over, make a change. Plus I have some new artists I want to introduce."

S&S gives a double dose of the Diplomats with their rowdy new anthem, "Dipset, Dipset." On the chorus they continuously yell out "Dipset, Dipset" while Juelz Santana rhymes about partying like "Kurt Cobain was here" with a sense of urgency over drums and horns, drinking shots of liquor and representing for Harlem World. The beat for the Dips' second selection, the remix of "My Love," is a little more laid-back, incorporating a melodic loop of a girl's wailing. Like the original, the guys focus mainly on women, with Jim Jones comparing himself to Richard Gere.

Meanwhile, Lil' Kim likens herself to Ms. Pac-Man on the "Jump Off" remix, and who can question her? Not only does she "eat tracks," the Queen Bee, who bragged about making a Sprite can disappear in her mouth on the first "Jump Off," boasts about being able to swallow a 2-liter bottle of soda pop on the remix. Her Queens connection of Queensbridge's Mobb Deep and Jamaica's Mr. Cheeks help out, sharing verses.

Despite adding M.O.P. (a.k.a. Mash Out Posse) onto the version of "World Premiere," Kim's fellow hip-hop heroine Da Brat still steals the show. Even though she's spitting out syllables faster than the Iron Chef can chop up celery, all words are audible and have her signature emphasis on them.

M.O.P. do get their chance to bogart a track, however, via Mark Ronson's "On the Run," which also features Mos Def. Lil' Fame and Billy Danze, as always, come with belligerent bravado, promising to "f--- up a whole city like Rudy Giuliani" and "rob n---as of pride and let them keep the rings."

S&S plans to drop a new R&B and hip-hop mixtape next week. If you can't wait for more new flavor, peep DJ Vlad's Hot in Here Part 3, Meddafore's Vendetta, King Smij's Sshhh (No Talking) Vol. 7, Action Pac's R&B Life 14 and The Best of Tony Yayo.

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